What happened to the Company Man?

July 20, 2017

Career and Company Rex Tillerson was a company man. Before becoming Secretary of State, Tillerson worked an entire career with ExxonMobil Corporation. He joined the company out of college as an engineer and worked his way up through the ranks, becoming CEO in 2006. In the oil industry, the “company man” is the man in […]

The Federal Government is Still Running . . . and Hiring

June 30, 2017

 The Federal Government is Still Running . . . and Hiring After a hiring freeze and amidst all of the rhetoric about shrinking government, the gears of the federal bureaucracy still turn and jobs are still being filled. We’ve written a lot over the past month or two about options for federal employees who are […]

Your Personal Brand and Your Career

June 30, 2017

Your Personal Brand and Your Career Personal Branding. It’s a phrase that may make you uneasy. It evokes thoughts of media personalities or perhaps of one now famous semi-politician whose name is mounted in gold letters over the main entrances of hotels worldwide. If you’re naturally skeptical, you’ll blow off the whole concept of personal […]

Federal Position on USAJobs: Better Business Bureau Client Review

June 27, 2017

Click above for complete review on BBB. Anyone who has ever applied to a federal position on USA Jobs can understand how intimidating the application process can be. As a tenured Federal employee, I was having difficulty finding a new position within the Federal landscape. After screening several professional resume writing services, I contacted Career […]

Soft Skills: What are they and Why do you need them?

June 27, 2017

You’ve surely heard the term before and you probably have some idea of what “soft skills” are. Over the past few years, people-oriented soft skills have been a hot topic in the HR community. To be more precise, HR folks talk a lot about the difficulty of finding candidates that possess soft skills along with […]

Government Jobs in Limbo: Federal Hiring Update

June 20, 2017

In Catholic theology, purgatory or limbo describes an after-death location that is somewhere between heaven and hell. While the state of affairs for federal workers certainly isn’t that dire, it’s increasingly evident that advancement and even continuing employment may upcoming challenges that face many who had planned a government career. Here’s an update of the […]

8 Secrets for a Sexy LinkedIn Profile

May 30, 2017

Is your drab LinkedIn presence making you invisible? No, we’re not completely serious. The title and tagline for this post could easily come from a supermarket tabloid, but there is a point to be made. Like it or not, managing your career in the 21st century has a lot to do with visibility. Don’t worry. […]

Targeting the C-Suite

May 15, 2017

Is your career trajectory targeted at the C-Suite? If so, now might be the time to launch your next career move. The global economy is thriving, businesses are optimistic and hiring, and 2017 could be the best year since the recession for executive candidates. One good indicator is the BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook Report1, which […]

Bolstering America’s Defense – Federal Job or DOD Contractor?

April 28, 2017

  What’s the real prognosis for defense-related employment? It’s probable that the Department of Defense will finally see an increase in appropriations after multiple years of declines, but will that translate into federal jobs? And what are the implications for defense contractors? If you’re considering a transition from the military, or if you’re currently employed […]

USAJOBs Update – Changes to USAJOBS search

April 20, 2017

USAJOBs Update: Dear USAJOBS User,  We’re excited to announce that has launched updates to our site that are designed to help you to more easily find jobs that you’re interested in and eligible for. Below please find an overview of the changes and actions you will need to take to update your saved searches.   […]

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