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The course provides clear instruction, proven best practices, and a step-by-step process for understanding the ECQ assessment process, choosing which of your career accomplishments to showcase, and of course writing those stories as effectively as possible to meet OPM standards.

Don’t worry if this feels little overwhelming at first . . . you’re not alone! ECQs are challenging for everyone, and our clients include seasoned GS-15s from across the government, O-6’s and flag officers from all military branches, senior scientists, PhDs, college professors, attorneys, corporate executives, and numerous other professionals. However, with this kind of expert training, more than five hours of video-based instruction, our signature ECQ builders, samples, and knowledge checks, the process becomes much more manageable, and your chances of success increase dramatically!

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Training Objectives:

The goal of this course is to simplify a daunting writing exercise by making sure students understand the OPM standards and that they have a clear process and powerful tools for writing their own ECQs. In addition, the online format allows students to set their own pace and access the course for three months, during which time they can watch the videos over and over again and access the training from anywhere, anytime. Finally, this course provides students with tactical, detailed feedback on their first draft, helping them to optimize their ECQs!

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Course Outline:

  • Leading Change overview, scenarios, and sample
  • Selecting your Leading Change topic(s)
  • Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  • Repeat the same topic selection and CCAR process for Leading People, Results Driven, Business Acumen and Building Coalitions”

Next, you will email in your ECQs for two rounds of detailed editorial feedback from a seasoned Master Senior Executive Writer and Coach to help you align your ECQs with proven best practices and OPM standards. Our edits will include verification that your ECQs are presented in the CCAR format and, most importantly, that they are told through the all-important lens of the 28 executive competencies.

Once you submit your final draft, we will send your ECQs through our staff proofreaders as a final check for grammar, style, accuracy and consistency.

*Scheduling is required with a 5–10 business day turnaround.



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