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Federal Job Applications With USAJobs

Each job announcement in USAJobs has an “Apply” button. Click that and you’ll begin a five-step application process that includes attaching a resume and any other required documents. USAJobs saves as you go, so you never lose your changes.

After that, USAJobs will redirect you to the hiring agency’s application system, where you may need to complete additional steps, depending on the job and the agency. These can include providing more personal information or unique documentation such as professional licenses, answering specific questions about your eligibility, and completing an occupational questionnaire that serves to complement your resume in characterizing your work experience. The manner in which you respond to the questionnaire is sometimes just as important as the content in your resume.

If you don’t accurately fulfill the requirements, or if you don’t understand how your civilian or military experience relates to the position and you check the wrong box, you can be denied the job before you even finish the application! Working with a team that understands the intricacies of the application process can help you avoid making a mistake.

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Federal Resume Process

It’s both an art and a science to be able to integrate the perfect blend of content, keywords, core competencies, and specialized experience into a USAJobs resume that can earn you the ranking of “Highest Qualified.” And getting ranked as one of the “Highest Qualified” means getting interviews!

The trick is emphasizing your level of experience and the skills you possess in your USAJobs profile, your resume, and the occupational questionnaire by building an accomplishment- and results-oriented USAJobs resume that is rich in the elements requested on each specific USAJobs announcement.

Master Federal Resume Writers

Creating USAJobs Resumes that land in the “Highest Qualified” category is our specialty. For almost four decades, our Master Federal Resume Writers have kept up-to-date with all of the latest trends in federal jobs and hiring practices. They are trusted experts in navigating, understanding, and writing job-winning federal resumes for a range of positions, from entry-level to the Senior Executive Service.

All of the writers at CareerProPlus are multi-certified in military, federal, and corporate resume writing. This means that we’ll be able to take your existing resume and help adapt it to best meet the requirements of a USAJobs application. Work one-on-one with our Resume Writers, who are masters at this process and experienced in developing resumes that are keyword and content enriched to earn job interviews. We have perfected our process and have helped more than 70,000 clients. Will you be next? Contact our Master Federal Resume Writers to let us help you with your USAJobs resume!

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USAJobs Application Review

After you submit your application, you can check the “Application” section of your home page; if the application went through, the status will say “Received.” When the announcement closes, the hiring agency begins reviewing applications. Your USAJobs application will be scrubbed to evaluate how your skills match the job description. The hiring agency will compare your questionnaire answers to your resume and work history. If you answered that you have a specific skill or are familiar with a specific program without backing it up in your work history, you could be disqualified.

However, you do possess the skills and you do know the programs! You just need to make sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed during the application process. CareerProPlus has been helping people just like you navigate the murky waters of federal resumes for nearly four decades.

When you use our professional federal resume writing services, we’ll worry about the character counts, the content, the keywords, and matching your experience to specific federal jobs. We’ll hit the mark with our nearly four decades’ worth of best practices and develop the most competitive federal application possible, delivering to you the best return on investment.

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