CareerPro Global Processes

Our Process

Learn about our process that ensures you receive the best possible service and quality.

About Us

Our team specializes in helping corporate, military, and federal clients in the competitive job market.

Federal Careers

Roadmap to Federal Jobs Course

Understand the federal employment landscape with our Roadmap course.

Roadmap to Federal Resume Course

Enhance your understanding of federal resumes and effective best practices.

Federal Resume Development

Learn how we can help you develop and enhance your tailored federal resume.

Federal Resume Workshops

Discover our Federal Resume Writing Workshops and see how you can get involved.

Federal Resumes

Learn about how our federal resumes show your value and land you interviews.

Federal Resume Writing Process

Learn about our process for making outstanding resumes tailored to your career path.

Military Careers

Group Military Transition Resumes Training

Explore our online Military Transition Resumes training that helps you get better at getting a job.

Military Resumes

Learn about how our military resumes show your value and land you interviews.

ECQs/SES Careers

Behavioral-Based Interview Preparation

Prepare for your behavioral-based interview with our workshop to build your confidence.

ECQ Writing Workshops

Learn about proven best practices and develop your ECQs with our ECQ writing workshop.

ECQ Writing & Development

Discover how we can help you compose your ECQ package for entry into the SES.

SES Interview Preparation Workshops

Prepare for your SES interview and boost your confidence with our interview workshops.

Executive Core Qualification Courses

Our online ECQ courses empower you to write your ECQs and improve your chance of success.

Reasons ECQs Are Disqualified

Learn about common reasons ECQs are disqualified and read our FAQs about ECQs.

One-on-One SES Interview Coaching

Discover how our SES interview coaching can boost your confidence and relay your strengths.

SES Application Development Process

Explore how our SES application development process can help you land SES interviews.

Certification Courses

Master Federal Resume Writer™ Certification 

Learn to tailor resumes for specific occupations with our MFRW online certification.

Master Federal Career Advisor Certification

Inform and empower job seekers with our online MFCA certification course.

Master Military Resume Writer Certification

Learn how to tailor military resumes for specific occupations with our MFRW online certification

Master Federal Career Advisor – Trainer Course

Become a trainer and help job-seekers reach their career goals with our MCFA-T course.