Master Federal Resume Writer™ (MFRW)

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Training Objectives:

To provide MFRWs with a repeatable, step-by-step process for helping jobseekers develop and tailor their resumes, write strong accomplishments, and showcase their most relevant skills, education, and experience for hiring managers. MFRWs will also receive sample resumes, templates, and other helpful resources!

Course Outline:

  • Checkpoint 1 – Find jobs on the website
  • Checkpoint 2 – Identify keywords/headlines
  • Checkpoint 3 – Create the framework for the USAJobs resume
  • Checkpoint 4 – Write the duties and accomplishments for each position
  • Checkpoint 5 – Edit and Complete the USAJobs resume
  • Final project – Within 14 days of completing the course, you will be required to write two versions of a federal resume for a fictional client. Sample resumes, position descriptions and performance appraisals will be provided.

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What Will You Learn in Our MFRW Certification Course?

Federal resumes have a distinct style that’s unlike any other type of resume. They demand more detail, going beyond the usual work experience and education listed on most resumes. They include this additional information to make vetting easier, and they usually run four to six pages long. Our course educates and certifies students on the particulars needed for a federal resume and how to find them. We draw on knowledge from resumes we have developed, outlining best practices that you won’t find in other courses. Our proven process will help you strategize when writing a resume, determining the most critical information to include and what to leave out. During certification, you will learn:

  • Details about federal hiring practices, broken down by series and grade.
  • The best way to write a compelling accomplishment statement.
  • Ways to highlight the most relevant experience on a resume.

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Who Should Take Our Master Federal Resume Writer™ Certification?

Our course can benefit a range of professionals, including Department of Labor personnel, federal human resources employees, military readiness and transition specialists, college counselors and family readiness specialists.


Every three years on the anniversary date of your initial certification, you will be required to recertify as a Master Federal Resume Writer™. The cost to recertify is $1000.00. Recertification can be completed online and virtually.


The Benefits of Seeking Our Master Federal Resume Writer™ Certification

We teach using a step-by-step process our students can reproduce after they finish the course. Our instruction includes methods for helping job seekers tailor their resumes to the jobs they want. Our classes are flexible, allowing busy professionals to complete the work at their own pace. Students receive a range of useful resources, including our “Roadmap to Federal Jobs” book, templates and sample resumes. At the end of the certification, you will complete a final project, writing two federal resumes for fictional clients based on sample resumes, position descriptions and performance appraisals we provide. When you receive certification, it is valid for three years.


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