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CareerProPlus’s resume writing services are tailored to specific post-military jobs in the federal and private sectors. We work with you to translate your experience into the appropriate civilian parallels and format highly complex resumes with special requirements.

Our resume writing covers the following types of resumes:

Federal resumes are incredibly detailed and are typically five pages long. They require you to fill in your work history, including your accomplishments, skills, and job descriptions, within a 5,000 character limit, which can be a complex task. Our federal resume services help you correctly format your resume so you can successfully apply to federal jobs on the USAJobs website.

Our military transition resume services assist in organizing and translating your military experience into corporate or government contracting positions. We can also help you format resumes for specific military branches such as the Army, Air Force, Marines Corps, Coast Guard, or Navy.

Our corporate resume services help you prepare a resume for the private sector, namely corporate management and executive positions. We are skilled in translating your past military titles and experience into terminology civilian hiring managers can understand.

Senior Executive Service positions are among the hardest federal positions to obtain. According to USAJobs.gov, to be considered for an SES job, you must have five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) presented in the form of six to ten pages of narrative essays which are then reviewed by a Qualifications Review Board for approval. Our SES resources and federal resume writing services can help you obtain an SES position with the federal government.

Resume Services

CareerProPlus provides you with several professional resume writing services to choose from, including corporate, military transition, federal, government contractor, overseas resumes and civilian resume writing for Veterans.

Additional Career Services

In addition to professional military transition resume writing, CareerProPlus.com offers career coaching, training, and resume writing certifications. We also provide book resources you can utilize to plan your career post-military transition.

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Whether you are nearing the end of your military enlistment, while transitioning to civilian employment, or are a Veteran looking to update your resume, it is crucial to include your military experience in a way that speaks to hiring managers in the non-military job market.

Work with CareerProPlus.com to create a specialized federal, SES, government contracting, or private corporate resume that gets you where you want to go in your career. Get started by calling our team at 800-471-9201 or complete our contact form online.

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