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What Can You Learn With Our Book?

Our book provides in-depth instruction to those who need to craft federal resumes as part of their job or want to learn this skill independently. We tell you what to do and explain why to do it, drawing on examples from the many thousands of resumes we have prepared over the years.

The book outlines the eight-step process we teach to ensure you address every detail in the job search and resume-writing process. The preparation for writing the resume is just as critical as the words you choose. You want the resume to convey a much more in-depth background and work history than a typical resume includes. Our toolbox goes well beyond resume writing, though.

The Benefits of Receiving Instruction From CareerPro Global, Inc.

We are the recognized authority on creating federal resumes that land job interviews. We draw our unmatched expertise from experience. We base everything we teach on what we have learned from working with job seekers, leading to proven formulas you can trust to drive your own success.

We provide resources in the book that you can reference when creating a resume. We lay out all our secrets and best practices on the pages. These insights will help you craft a successful resume and prepare you for the interview, as well as avoid mistakes that are all too common among federal job seekers.

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