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Since 1986, CareerProPlus has been helping executives prepare for the challenging SES application process by providing expert career advice and SES resume writing services.

Why Enlist SES Writing Services?

Though it may seem efficient and cost-effective to write your own SES resume, hiring a professional SES resume writer astronomically raises your chances of getting the job offer you want. The SES application process isn’t necessarily about what you want to say. It’s about understanding what the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) needs to hear and communicating your experience and qualifications exactly how they want to hear it. SES applications aren’t subjective or creative pieces, but formulaic writing pieces meant to communicate your qualifications objectively.

When you hire a professional SES writing service, you can save countless hours by taking the guesswork out of the application process. CareerProPlus deeply understands how hiring managers and the OPM think, and we know how to get their attention through writing. Moreover, we’ll work with you to narrow down your experiences and qualifications to create a thorough and impressive highlight reel for your application. With the help of a professional SES writing service, you’ll save precious time, keep your application focused and receive a well-formatted end product that would impress any hiring manager.

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Our SES Writers Coach You Through SES Application Development

The SES application process is filled with potential pitfalls. One slight misstep can derail your candidacy well before it can advance to the hiring stages. In addition to providing effective SES writing help, our team of Master Federal Career Advisors can ensure no critical details are overlooked and that all relevant competencies are addressed thoroughly and accurately. In short, we use all Best Practices in the development of your SES resume. It’s this attention to detail that has helped us successfully develop more than 5,000 SES applications, leading to an overall client satisfaction rate of 99.6%.

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To begin the process of landing a position with the Senior Executive Servicesubmit your current resume and any SES vacancy announcement to our Master Federal Career Advisors. We will evaluate your resume, assess your qualifications for SES jobs, and provide an initial consultation—free of charge. We will also provide you with a quote for our services.

Don’t let incomplete or unimpressive SES resumes and applications prevent you from launching a fulfilling career in the Senior Executive Service. Let the premier writing and career management team at CareerProPlus help you stand out from a coveted and crowded job applicant field. Contact us to find out additional information about our SES Writing Help to land different SES Jobs.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Career Pro has provided a phenomenal service to me / helping to get my full SES package ready. Karl was always available and communicated clearly and expeditiously. He assisted me with my ECQ’s, my TQ’s and my SES resume. I’ve already been referred for an SES position, with this package – I am so grateful for his work, his patience, and his dedication to my career.

Jeni H.

Our SES Resume Team

Since 1986, our team has been committed to being the best resume writers and career coaches in the industry. Our team holds multiple writing certifications and possess strong career backgrounds with a gift for professional writing. If you are looking for SES resume writing assistance, our team is here to help. You will work closely with a Master Senior Executive Writer who will help you pinpoint your strengths and highlight them in the most positive and competitive manner.

Resume Writing for Senior Executives

Our SES resume writing services help candidates flesh out their executive leadership experience and discover new opportunities within the federal government. You may qualify for an executive-level position based on your unique skill set, but if not communicated correctly and the way federal hiring agencies expect, your application can be dismissed before it even has a chance to move forward. These positions provide generous compensation and a stable work environment, giving you the chance to achieve many of your most significant career goals and ultimately make a difference in Government. Senior Executive Service positions can also be challenging and rewarding as you help shape our nation’s future.

You need a specially formatted resume tailored to each open position in order to apply. We recommend you develop a master SES Resume that can be slightly tweaked for different positions within the same series. If you haven’t worked in government before, you may have many questions. How do I qualify for a position based on the job description I find online? What is the SES? How can I translate my experience into an SES Resume and set of Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that the Office of Personnel Management will approve?

Our world-class writing team can help you get started and you’ll first speak to one of our Master Federal Career Advisors who will assist you in determining if you are a good fit for specific SES jobs of interest. We work closely with candidates to translate their experience into an SES Resume and total application that will capture the attention of the hiring authority. CareerPro Global will ensure that all best practices and ingredients are incorporated into your application on your behalf.

Our SES Resume Writing Process

At CareerProPlus, our resume writing for senior executives is thorough and in-depth. After sending in your resume and an SES vacancy announcement, our journey will begin with a no-cost consultation to determine whether you have the qualifications necessary to fill an SES job opening. During the consultation, we’ll discuss qualification criteria, the selection process and your path forward with CareerProPlus. We will also discuss resume writing fees and payment options.

Our resume writing services have three phases of development. In the first stage, we’ll interview you about your qualifications and collect information that could be used on your resume. Our experts will query you by telephone and email and thoroughly analyze your career and qualifications. All career achievements and positions from the last ten years are pertinent information for your application. From there, we will help you select the stories to use for your Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) essays.

In the second stage of development, we’ll help you write your SES resume. In the third stage of resume development — revision — we’ll help you perfect your resume so that it communicates your experience and qualifications to hiring managers in exactly the format they want to hear.

If you are unsure whether you are a good fit for an SES position, simply send in your resume and vacancy announcement to us by email or fax. Within 24 hours, one of our career coaches will be in touch to give you a free consultation to determine whether your career and experience qualify you for an SES position.

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Enhancing Your Core Competencies and ECQs

At CareerProPlus, we understand that covering all 23 core competencies and demonstrating the five ECQs is a difficult feat in a five-page application. Our Master Senior Executive Writers will work with you to ensure that all of the core competencies and ECQs are thoroughly covered in your compact application. We’ll guide you through selecting the right examples and structuring your ECQs so they match the exact format that the OPM requires.

We know precisely what hiring managers and the OPM are looking for when they want examples of leading change, leading people, driving results, leveraging business acumen and building coalitions. Each of these qualities should be detailed in the CCAR — or challenge, context, action and result — format. In addition to the ECQs, the OPM will also want a demonstration of fundamental competencies. Our services will improve your writing and make sure that your application highlights all of your work experience in a compelling and marketable way.

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Writing What the Hiring Agency and OPM Wants to Hear

During the process, you will work one-on-one with our Certified Master Senior Executive Writer who will coach you in the development of your Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs.) Your application will be developed using all our proven best practices, and crafted in the way the hiring agency wants to hear. We can assist with a range of applications, including Candidate Development Programs (CDPs) for a variety of federal agencies. These ever-changing programs require in-depth knowledge, understanding federal application development and crafting an interview winning resume.

We have a high success rate because we understand the language and information that the federal hiring authority and OPM wants to see on an SES Application. Our team has assisted over 5,000 SES candidates develop their application with great success.

We know how to capture the attention of those who make hiring choices, and we know what type of language and experience can earn you an interview. If you have the background and leadership qualities to qualify for a Senior Executive Service position, let our experts offer their professional assistance and escalate your chances of winning an interview.

Without professional assistance, writing your own ECQs can take dozens of hours that you don’t have to spare. Reading ECQ writing guides can be useful but time-consuming compared to consulting with a professional SES writer. With CareerProPlus, you can dramatically cut down on the number of hours it takes to write your ECQ and get back to taking care of any family and work responsibilities.

Within 24 hours of sending in your current resume and the SES job opening you’re interested in, a CareerProPlus Career Advisor will reach out to you for a free consultation where you’ll discuss your qualifications, experience and the fees you’ll pay if you choose to move forward with our services. Our writers will then continue to reach out to you through email and phone in an interactive process that takes 10 or more hours of your time as we work to understand your career experience thoroughly.

It takes only one to two weeks to develop a draft of your entire application before it is sent to you for proofreading and approval. You will have until 10 days after you have received your CareerProPlus written application to request additional edits and changes to the draft.

Every project is different, and each client’s experience is different. Our fees will depend on what services you choose. There are several choices of services we can assist you within an SES Application. Each application is priced according to the level of composition, technical expertise, and job vacancy requirements that may differ in specific SES job requirements. Speak to one of our Master Federal Career Advisors for pricing. This is an investment in your future that will pay off when you land your new job. When you work with us for SES resume writing, you will set yourself up to obtain a job that will give you long-term security and the ability to make a difference in Government.

SES ECQ writing services also give you a chance to reflect on your career path and where you want to go. Throughout the process, our questions help you sharpen your leadership stories to flesh out where your strengths are. Each resume must be tailored to the specific position you apply for, as there are variables that change with each job opening. Our insightful questions can help reveal your strengths, tell your story and open doors you may not have imagined.

A professionally written SES resume comes with many advantages, including:

  • Compliance
  • Executive Leadership Stories
  • Fleshing out Core Competencies
  • Technical Qualifications
  • Benefiting From Professional Guidance
  • Experienced SES Writers Know Exactly What You Need
  • Improved chances of landing an SES interview
  • Partnering with a company that has been developing SES applications for almost four decades

We can ghostwrite and craft your resume, as well as act as an unofficial coach during your SES application process. We can coach you when you have questions and come to your aid when you feel uncertain. Our team cares about our clients and wants to see them succeed by landing their dream jobs.

We love seeing how our resumes can build confidence, too. When you see all your accomplishments laid out on the page, you will realize you can do the job and do it well. Then, you can infuse that confidence into your interview and make a great impression. When you know what you can do, you can make a positive first impression and land that SES job.

Reach for a New Position With an SES Resume

Maybe you have never considered an SES job until now. You may be uncertain how to start the process and feel intimidated by the exacting requirements for the application. Let our Certified Master Senior Executive Writer put you at ease. We understand and have developed a comprehensive and successful writing process to include what the federal hiring agencies want to learn from your application, and we can take your experience and narrow down the relevant information to include.

SES resume writing doesn’t have to be a mystery. When you hire the experts, you can feel confident that your resume will stand out among the competition.

You aren’t risking anything by enlisting our assistance, but you could have everything to gain. Our team is easy to work with and wants the best for all our clients. Learn more about our services and get in touch to discuss your SES resume today!

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Highly Accomplished Master Senior Executive Writers

Our writers are widely recognized as being among the premier and “go-to” experts in SES application development. Federal agencies often hire our writers to assist select candidates who have been offered SES position, but cannot receive Certified ECQS from OPM. Our SES resume writers have taken the most difficult scientific and medical clients and turned their ECQs from disqualified to Certified.

Each of our Senior Executive Resume Writers has been through more extensive and rigorous training than any other resume writing organization requires. At CareerProPlus, our Senior Executive Resume Writers focus exclusively on the craft of perfecting your SES Resume. Our writers are extensively tested and trained, and they undergo a six-month mentorship program before they begin working with SES candidates on their application materials. When you hire a resume writer from CareerProPlus, you’re hiring a writer specifically trained to write your SES resume.

Work one-on-one with your exclusive SES resume writer to flesh out your most notable executive leadership experience and accomplishments within the last 10 years. We always advise our executive clients: “It’s not what you want to write in your application—it’s what the federal hiring authority and agency wants to read and how they want to it presented.” It’s really just as simple as that.

As the authors of Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service, we share nearly four decades of expertise in our publication, including almost four decades of experience and all best practices. We track federal agencies’ SES hiring protocol and their SES application package requirements in order to give you a leg up in SES Resume development. Our most popular SES Resume writing service is writing the Five-page SES Resume, which is populated with your executive leadership and accomplishments.

CareerProPlus uses all our best practices when developing your Senior Executive Service Resume. Our reputation is impeccable, and we work with the most amazing and accomplished leaders from the corporate sector, military, and federal government.

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