Group USAJobs/Federal Resume Writing Workshops (up to 30 students)

What Will Your Team Learn From Group Coaching?

Our coaches will advise your team on the best strategies for creating an attention-grabbing resume. A session, which costs $2,500, includes 90 minutes of detailed instruction on writing the resume as well as a 30 minutes Q&A session. We detail our proven five-checkpoint method in the webinar, which offers your team a step-by-step, repeatable template to write a federal resume. By following this rubric, they can recreate our successful method:

  1. Look at jobs on and determine the qualifications.
  2. Find keywords to incorporate into the resume’s headlines.
  3. Draft the framework of the resume, focusing on knowledge, skills and abilities.
  4. Write the accomplishments and duties for every past position.
  5. Edit and complete the resume, returning to best practices to ensure they hit every critical point.

Once your team understands what federal hiring managers want to know, writing an effective resume will be easier. They can use this knowledge to get them the jobs they want.

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The Benefits of Choosing Our Group Coaching Program

As the leading authority in federal resume writing, we understand how to write great federal resumes and instruct others in this art. We can identify the best flow and effectiveness for a resume and help you achieve it. Our vast experience becomes an advantage for you. Our webinars are flexible, and you can schedule them based on your timetable. We provide students with resources they can reference when writing resumes, and we answer any questions they have about the process. Let us use our past success to help your employees have a successful future in federal resume writing. To schedule a session, reach out to Lee Kelley, Master Federal Career Advisor/Trainer and Director of Training Development, at or call 800-471-9201.

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Our federal career and interview coaches help our clients with little-known secrets, such as how to master the federal hiring process, how to successfully market yourself when changing careers, and the best practices and strategies of a successful career campaign.

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