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Now you can have a superior military to corporate resume that will crystallize your military experience into plain civilian language with a twist of excellence that is compelling, is accomplishment-focused, and describes your experience and the value you bring to any corporate environment. Contact our resume writers for professional military resume assistance to help you as you transition.

You Are the Experts on the Battlefield, and We Are the Experts in Career Marketing! Allow us to create a strong military to corporate resume and arm you with the language required to compete and win the all-important interview.

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CareerProPlus provides you with several professional resume writing services to choose from, including corporate, military transition, federal, government contractor, overseas resumes and civilian resume writing for Veterans.

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For a no-obligation, consultation and to receive a quote, contact a Master Career Advisor today.  CareerProPlus military and federal resume services can make the transition to the civilian job market as smooth and strategic as possible. Contact our team of military service resume and federal resume writers today!

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