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When developing an SES resume, we work in three phases of development:

  1. Information collection and interviewing
  2. Drafting
  3. Revision

Our process is comprehensive, as it should be for SES applications. We ask you to supply everything you possibly can document for the past 10 years of your career. Upon receipt of your career documentation, your assigned expert Senior Executive Services resume writer will conduct a needs analysis; he/she will begin to query you, via email and telephone, about particular elements that will help build a solid case of evidence of your qualifications.

Our Master Senior Executive Writers use a process from our Quality Management System and ensure only best practices are used to develop your ECQ narratives and SES application. Focusing on executive leadership and compelling experience and accomplishments are key ingredients to a competitive SES Resume.

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Level Rate
Level I $219,200
Level II $197,300
Level III $181,500
Level IV $170,800
Level V $160,100
  1. Email or fax us a copy of your federal vacancy announcement, along with your current resume.
  2. An executive Career Coach will contact you within 24 hours of receipt to discuss qualification criteria, timeline, costs, and path forward.

This review is FREE, and we will determine if we can indeed qualify you to become one of the next SES leaders within the federal government.

SES – ECQ Services

Since 1986, CareerProPlus has been helping executives prepare for the challenging SES application process by providing expert career advice and SES resume writing services.

What You Should Know About the New SES Application

Submitting an exceptional SES job application package that sets you apart from other applicants is crucial to securing the position you want. The new SES application addresses Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and other competencies that encompass much more than a typical cover letter and resume. Your SES job application package must highlight your history of technical expertise and leadership experience while also addressing the specific job requirements.

When you come to us for SES application assistance, we’ll ensure that your skills, abilities, and qualifications are positioned to give you the most competitive edge.

Your application must highlight personal examples of each of the five ECQs:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Results Driven
  • Business Acumen
  • Building Coalitions

Each ECQ should be one to two pages long with a maximum of 10 pages total for all five ECQs.

You must also demonstrate knowledge of the 28 new leadership competencies and fundamental characteristics. You will need to show a strong understanding of the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model and executive-level writing styles.

Creating high-quality ECQs is also important for the post-application process. If your application is selected, your ECQs will be submitted to the Qualifications Review Board (QRB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for their review and approval before your official placement in the position. Once in the position, your ECQs will be considered during your annual performance evaluations.

We’ll help you prepare detailed ECQ documents that follow the CCAR formula to create impressive narratives that highlight your leadership capabilities. We understand what the OPM and QRB are looking for in job application packages, and we will help you position your ECQs in a way that commands their attention.

TQs and MTQs address your technical qualifications and accomplishments. They are typically job-specific and highlight the strengths of your career using specific situations you’ve dealt with in your line of work. Each qualification should be explained in one to two pages using the CCAR method.

Your cover letter gives hiring managers their first impression of you. That’s why it’s essential to use your cover letter to establish yourself as a strong candidate.

We’ll help you develop a cover letter that makes you stand out in the pool of applicants. We know how to highlight your qualifications to show what will make you an asset to the organization.

Strong resumes highlight your relevant experience, leadership skills, and achievements. Your resume must also be formatted correctly to be considered for the job.

Your SES resume must be formatted per the expectations of the federal government. This format has very specific requirements in terms of content and length. Failure to adhere to these standards can potentially prevent your SES job application package from being reviewed.

Because of the highly specific nature of these formatting requirements, professional assistance can be a key factor to a successful application. We’ll help you create a package that complies with all federal requirements. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with these standards will save you the time and hassle of managing them on your own. You’ll also gain peace of mind that your application won’t be overlooked due to formatting errors.

The SES Hiring Process/CPG Writing Process

Based upon almost four decades of expertise and knowledge, we take the lead on writing the entire SES presentation, from scratch, in a fully interactive partnership in three phases of information collection, documentation development, and revision. We have written more than 5,000 SES applications, from scratch, of SES presentations and CPG has presented numerous virtual and on-site SES and ECQ workshops, as well as SES Interview Coaching at numerous federal government agencies. Several federal agencies hire us to tackle the difficult ECQ cases that must pass OPM. We can work with you via a combination of telephone and email correspondence.

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Do Different Positions Require Different Job Application Packages?

Your job application package must be tailored to the specific SES position you’re applying for. If you use the same package for multiple positions, you won’t showcase your unique skills and experience for the job. With a targeted application package, you’ll show the employer what makes you the best fit for that specific position.

Our SES writers are experts in creating customized applications. We’ll begin by reviewing the SES vacancy announcement to craft job-specific application materials. We’ll also evaluate hiring trends and past successful SES packages to determine the best components to include in your application. Through this process, we will ensure your package stands out from other applicants while meeting all job requirements.

We help applicants meet all types of SES job application requirements, including:

  • Agency-specific SES resumes.
  • Traditional ECQs, TQs, and MTQs.
  • Five-page SES ECQ all-inclusive resumes.
  • USAJobs applications with character count limits.
  • Federal executive resumes with no character count or page restrictions.

Effective January 2017

Structure of the SES Pay System: Minimum/Maximum
Agencies with a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System: $124,406 $187,000
Agencies without a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System: $124,406 $172,100

Effective January 2017

Structure of the SL/ST Pay System: Minimum/Maximum
Agencies with a Certified SL/ST Performance Appraisal System: $124,406 $187,000
Agencies without a Certified SL/ST Performance Appraisal System: $124,406 $172,100



Using a credible, successful, and accredited professional Senior Executive Services resume writing service such as ours is an investment in your future and as good a guarantee of success as you can find without a guarantee (because, of course, we can’t guarantee you the job due to the many variables outside the resume outside our control). We are quite simply the best in the business and hire only the best writers. They are professionals who make their living writing SES Applications/Senior Executive Service applications, which is a niche craft in and of itself. They are vetted, tested, and trained extensively and then undergo a six-month mentorship program. No one else in this industry goes to the extremes we do to keep our finger on the pulse of federal hiring.

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