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Since 1986, CareerProPlus has been helping executives prepare for the challenging SES application process by providing expert career advice and SES resume writing services.

How the Process Works

Before you apply, it’s essential to understand how the SES selection process works in order to be as prepared as possible.

1. Application Submission

Once you’ve submitted your application per the vacancy announcement guidelines, Human Resources (HR) specialists will review it to ensure you’ve included the necessary materials and followed all instructions. If you have, and your application outweighs competitors’ applications, it will be passed along for the next level of application review.

2. Agency Rating Panel Review

If your application passes the initial HR screening, it will be submitted to the hiring agency’s rating panel made up of senior executives with relevant functional, leadership and organizational backgrounds. Each panel member reviews the applications individually. They will evaluate your application based on the qualifications outlined in the vacancy announcement, ensuring that it meets all the ECQ and TQ/MTQ standards. They also set a rating schedule to determine the most qualified candidates.

After each member reviews the applications, the panel will meet to discuss each candidate and decide who should be interviewed.

3. SES Interview

If your application is in the top 10% of qualified candidates, you’ll be interviewed by the panel. During the interview, the panel will ask you a combination of standard, behavioral and situational questions focused on leadership to determine if you have the competencies for the position.

The panel will recommend the top interviewed candidates to the selecting authority, who chooses one candidate for certification with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

4. OPM Review and Certification

The hiring agency submits the final candidate’s application package to the OPM-administered Qualifications Review Board (QRB) that evaluates your ECQs. There are a few potential outcomes of this review:

  • The QRB determines you do not meet the qualifications and rejects your candidacy.
  • The QRB finds that you have not adequately addressed the 28 core competencies in your ECQs and gives you the chance to make changes and resubmit within a specified time frame.
  • The QRB decides that your ECQs demonstrate the executive core qualities and certifies your candidacy so that you can officially be appointed to the SES position.

How We Can Help You With the SES Hiring Process

The SES hiring process is meticulous, with highly specific standards that you must meet. We’ve worked with thousands of SES candidates, helping them navigate the SES process successfully. We have almost four decades of experience and have worked directly with federal agencies on ECQ development. Our expert services have earned us a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate with our customers.

Your chances of landing your dream job with substantially increase if you come to us for assistance.

Resume Writing

Our resume writing services have a proven track record of getting candidates through the SES hiring process with ease. We follow best practices to ensure that your resume meets all formatting requirements and highlights your core competencies and leadership accomplishments.

ECQ Writing

Developing effective ECQ statements can be one of the most challenging parts of the SES application process. Our Senior Executive Writers are highly skilled and experienced with developing top-notch ECQ packages that fully demonstrate your mastery of each of the five competencies.

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Application Development

We help you develop a complete application package customized to the specific position you’re applying for. We’ll review the vacancy announcement and ensure you have all the correctly formatted materials for submission.

Interview Preparation

The SES interview process is highly unique. We offer SES interview preparation packages to help you feel confident and deliver clear, effective answers. Our seasoned executive interview coaches evaluate your interview skills, providing suggestions for improvement.

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