USAJobs/Federal Resume Writing Workshops

Course Outline:

  • Checkpoint 1- Identify and analyze a vacancy (or sample) announcement on and determine qualifications


  • Checkpoint 2- Find keywords to incorporate into the resume’s headlines


  • Checkpoint 3- Draft the framework of the resume


  • Checkpoint 4- Write the duties and accomplishments for the various positions, presenting accomplishments in the Challenge-Context-Actions-Results (CCAR) format


  • Checkpoint 5- Edit and complete the resume

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Course length:

We offer this course in four lengths: a two-hour webinar, a ½ day webinar, a one-day workshop, and a two-day workshop. The longer the course, the more time students will spend doing practical exercises to “roll up their sleeves” and work through the resume development process. They will also have more time for expert Q&A with the instructor. All students perform differently, but in the two-day session it is possible to finish the class with a first draft of the resume, or at least major sections.

*Note: Two hour and ½ day sessions only available virtually, unless scheduled on consecutive days with another one or two-day class.

Regardless of course length, students will also receive sample resumes, templates, and other helpful resources such as an electronic copy of our book Roadmap to Federal Jobs!

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