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Here are some highlights of changes in the employment forecast that may benefit military spouses:

Once thought to be a detractor for hiring, a military spouse’s geographic mobility is now a huge plus to businesses seeking more employees with diverse language, cultural, career, or educational experience. “They’re a very diverse group… they travel and live all over the world. They often possess life experiences not normally found among people born and raised in the local community. The average military member and his/her spouse move every four to seven years. When you consider that the average employee re-careers five to seven times in their life, there’s not much difference,” Hawley explains. In fact, Department of Labor statistics show the median job tenure of employees across all industries is between three and four years.

Many employees today take advantage of the strong economy and change jobs to acquire greater compensation, better quality of life, more flexibility, or professional advancement. Tenure is almost a thing of the past. Outside recruiting by companies is the norm. This is an open door for military spouses searching for a job.

Employers need to attract dedicated, highly skilled people, but a company’s survival often depends on quick and decisive productivity. Maintaining that kind of labor force requires flexibility, and flexibility comes at a price: commissions on top of salaries, and an unstable workforce. Military spouses can fit well into this scheme and make good money as temporary or project-oriented employees.

More than two-thirds of the military personnel spouses living at Georgia’s Robins Air Force Base (AFB) are employed in their local communities, according to the Family Support Center and according to our company’s experience developing resumes and coaching military spouses on local employment opportunities here in the middle Georgia community. Military spouses comprise a full range of professional talent, from licensed and certified professionals like healthcare providers to seasonal workers like catering. More and more, telecommuting positions have become popular since this type of position can be accomplished, no matter where you live, and can easily transfer to your spouse’s next duty station. Contact CareerProPlus about our wide range of services, including military spouse resumes.

Evaluating Job Offers

This can be unsettling, especially if you have only a vague idea of what you want from employers. You’ll have to do a personal needs assessment before you can judge whether an offer is right for you. Here’s a three-step process for developing your own job-offer-evaluation checklist:

List the Basics

These are the elements without which you cannot even contemplate accepting an offer of employment. For instance, determine the minimum level of compensation you’ll need to meet your financial obligations. Then, add your essential benefits. How important is health insurance? Do you need coverage for eligible dependents as part of the package? What other factors are most important to you? The commute? Flextime? Just make sure your list contains the bare minimum you can and will accept-your personal bottom line.

Your Needs

Your bottom line may rise or fall, depending on whether you have a job and how badly you need this one. If you’re employed and shopping for a better opportunity, you can be more selective. If you haven’t been working for six months or more, you may discover there isn’t much to evaluate. Being able to generate an income may be the only important issue.

The Options

Theoretically, if a job offer meets your predetermined bottom line, you could accept it. However, meeting the bottom line is really a prerequisite that allows you to progress to the third step: Evaluating options to make sure the total package is the best for you. Here is a basic checklist of options you can use as a guideline for evaluating a job offer and negotiating the best deal:

  • Commute
  • Benefits
  • Stability
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Military Spouse-Friendly Work Environment

2017 Bill Eliminates Two-Year Eligibility Limitation for Spouses

How the 2017 Bill Works for Spouses


(3) NO TIME LIMITATION ON APPOINTMENT. A relocating spouse of a member of the Armed Forces remains eligible for noncompetitive appointment under this section for the duration of the spouse’s relocation to the permanent duty station of the member.

On December 23, 2016, President Obama signed this 2017 Fiscal Order for Budgets and Actions for the Department of Defense (DOD), including a fantastic new improvement for military spouses who want to apply for and land a high-quality, relocatable career with the federal government!

Now, with the new legislation, a military spouse can apply for positions through the Priority Placement Program – Spouses (PPP-S) for DOD positions in the U.S. throughout their PCS order time, instead of just the first two years.

The “S” of the “PPP” applies only to positions being filled under competitive procedures under merit promotion. So, it applies to only a limited number of positions, including a geographic region within the commuting distance of their spouses’ installation. Other non-DOD positions require that the spouse apply directly to the vacancy announcement and claim their preference through the USAJobs profile and application process. As soon as you move to a new installation, see the Human Resources Office (HRO) and apply for spousal preference right away.


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What Is The Priority Placement Program – Spouse?

For a spouse to be placed in the Priority Placement Program – Spouse (PPP-S), that individual must register with the local HRO at their installation  The military spouse should schedule a meeting with the HRO to ensure their resume is reviewed, rated, and populated into the PPP Database. When a match occurs on the PPP Database, the registered spouse is contacted and advised of an open position. Furthermore, the spouse is required to apply through the website (PPP-S works in collaboration with the USAJobs system). Be sure to have your USAJobs resume ready and updated with any new experience, skills, or training that will benefit your application.


CareerProPlus Develops a Competitive USAJobs Resume in Our Headline Format for Military Spouses

This is great news for military spouses, because they can begin applying for federal jobs right away instead of waiting two years. CareerProPlus can assist military spouses in developing their USAJobs resume to ensure all compliance information, keywords, core competencies, and experience are a match with the job opening. We use our popular HEADLINE FORMAT, which welcomed by HR agencies because of its clarity, format, and ease to match job candidates to vacancy announcements.

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