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Our Military Resume Writing Process

  1. In the first step in the CareerProPlus military resume writing services process, we will review your current resume if available, performance evaluations, education and any other related career documentation. Also, send us a copy of your job of interest or a sample job.
  2. During your no-cost initial consultation, we will help you determine the best type of resume(s) and what type of federal jobs you will qualify for your particular career goals.
  3. We will then propose a package that meets your needs, and provide you with a quote based on the types of resumes, level of composition and technical complexity.
  4. Our pricing is customized depending on the level of composition, type(s) of resumes, and/or job vacancy requirements that sometimes require additional career document preparation.
  5. You will be assigned an exclusive Professional Resume Writer who will work one-on-one with you throughout the process and submit a draft for your approval. Take up to 14-days to modify your draft and receive a final resume.

Expedite your job search and begin your next career with higher salary offers by hiring our award-winning and multi-certified professional resume writers who are experts in hiring trends, government contractor hiring, and earning our client corporate jobs. Leveraging our almost four decades of experience will arm you with a powerful, competitive, and target keyword-enriched resume. To get started, call us at 800-471-9201 or click here.


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How We Write a Best Qualified Federal Resume – USAJobs

If you work in the private sector and wish to work for the government, are retiring from the military, and wish to enter the Civil Service, or you currently work for the federal government and want a promotion or to change agencies or apply for jobs outside of the government, we can help you write your federal resume! A federal resume is completely different from a corporate resume and requires additional application compliance information that must be provided in order for the applicant to apply and be considered for a federal job. Just like in the private sector, the federal government has the same positions and career fields; however, you can think of the government as one huge company that will be asking for your federal resume, with more than 220 departments (agencies), all with their own mission. Our Master Federal Career Advisors and Master Federal Resume Writers have the in-depth knowledge of how to match and write about your experience, skills, and accomplishments while woman with a federal resume integrating keywords, core competencies, as well as assessment questions that require responses to be integrated into your federal resume. If this sounds complicated, it is! Federal job announcements are posted on and listed by agency, series, grade, and job descriptions. Most federal jobs require a USAJobs resume, and our Headline Format is recognized and welcomed by federal HR. Let our career experts assist you in this complicated, often daunting process.

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Our Professional Federal Resume Writing Process:

  1. The first step is to contact one of our Career Advisors and submit your current resume if you have one, performance evaluations, and any position(s) of interest.
  2. Our Career Advisor will help you determine the series and grade associated with your experience and qualifications.
  3. A custom proposal for a federal resume will be provided to you, incorporating the level of composition, job vacancy series and grade, keywords, core competencies, job-matching skills, and any other assessment questions or Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities statements (KSAs) required. No two clients are alike, and our federal resume development process is completely customized to your needs!
  4. You will be assigned an exclusive professional federal resume writer who will work one-on-one with you during information gathering, questionnaire responses, and development.
  5. Our in-house proofreaders will review your federal resume and a draft will be emailed to you for review and your approval. You will have up to 14-days to modify your draft and receive a final resume.

There is no easy, quick, one-size-fits-all federal resume or approach. Expedite entry into a federal job by partnering with our Master Federal Career Advisors and Federal Resume Writers, who consistently land our clients federal jobs. By hiring award-winning and multi-certified resume writing professionals who are experts in navigating the federal hiring system, how can you go wrong? To get started, call us at 800-471-9201 or click here


What Our Clients Are Saying

When I got back from Iraq I landed the job that you helped me with the KSAs. This has been a very busy month for me; I met a woman in Spain and fell in love. I need your help again and I’m looking to make a career move and try to move into the GIS field in Germany to be closer to her. I would like to make a multipurpose resume that I could use with Federal & civilian employers. Thanks for all your help.


How We Develop Corporate Resumes That Land Jobs

CPG: Providing Interview-Winning Corporate Resumes for Nearly Four Decades!

Corporate Resumes

Everyone knows that the job market is very competitive. Job seekers wonder if their experience, skills, and accomplishments are going to be competitive. First, you’ll have to determine what type of job or career path you wish to pursue. A one-size-fits-all resume is not acceptable and is not going to land you an interview. For almost four decades, CPG has developed more than 65,000 resumes with a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate. Working with CareerProPlus allows you a free, one-on-one career consultation with our Master Career Advisors to determine your career goals and targeted resume development strategy. Next, our Master Resume Writers will take your job descriptions, skills, experience, and accomplishments and spin them into a compelling, competitive, and interview-winning corporate resume. Remember: A Good Resume Isn’t Good Enough Anymore—It Must Be GREAT! Are you a Program Manager, IT or Cybersecurity Specialist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Scientist, Construction Worker, Aircraft Mechanic, Hospital Administrator, Pilot, Case Worker, CEO, CIO, COO, or any occupation from Astronaut to Zoologist? We can help!

Learn More About Corporate Resumes

Our Corporate Resume Services Process:

  1. In the first step, our Career Advisors will provide a no-cost initial consultation that will help you determine the best type of targeted corporate resume for your career goals.
  2. Our Career Advisors will review your current resume, annual performance evaluations, position descriptions, education and any other related documentation if available.
  3. A corporate resume development quote will be proposed, incorporating the level of research, composition, and technical writing involved, job vacancy requirements, keywords, and job-matching skills to make you competitive.
  4. Our pricing is customized because no resume is alike, and there are many different levels of composition and marketing from entry to C-level.
  5. You will be assigned an exclusive Resume Writer who will work one-on-one with you throughout the process and submit a draft for your approval. You will have 14-days modify your resume draft and receive your final resume.

We want to stress that we are not a cookie-cutter resume-writing company. We are experts in the careers industry and understand our clients’ unique needs and the requirements of the hiring process. We fix one-size-fits-all, subpar resumes every day! Jobs today are very competitive and you have to prove your value to a potential employer and show them what you can—and will—offer. By hiring award-winning and multi-certified resume-writing professionals who are experts in navigating the corporate hiring landscape, you will have already increased your odds of landing a great job with more pay—more quickly and more strategically than if you were to go it alone. Every day you are out of work is costing you! To get started, call us at 800-471-9201 or click the button below to get a quote.


Who Needs a Curriculum Vitae (CV), and How Do We Assist in Development?

Curricula Vitae (CVs)

In the world of academia, with professions such as University Professors, Educators/Instructors, School Board Directors, Non-Profit Agency Management, Board of Directors, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Veterinarians, and Scientists, etc., Curricula Vitae are required. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is like a comprehensive resume that details your education, employment, publications, articles, public speaking, presentations, grants, awards, honors, volunteer work, and research projects. A CV can be anywhere from 3 pages to more than 10 pages long, as there is no limit as to length, but it must only include information that will help to illustrate your academic and professional experience. A lengthy CV isn’t better than a shorter one if it contains irrelevant data. With experience working across careers in academia, healthcare, science, and top-level executive positions requiring a CV, our multi-certified Master Resume Writers can assist you in the development and make all the difference in your presentation. A CV must be clear and compelling, telling your individual story and highlighting your value. We will partner with you to accomplish a competitive and professional CV presentation.

  1. The first step is to submit a request for a free consultation with one of our Career Advisors.
  2. Our Career Advisor will review your current resume or CV if available, as well as any job(s) of interest.
  3. We will discuss your career goals, the path forward, and any additional information required.
  4. A CV quote will be proposed, incorporating the research, level of composition, and technical writing involved, as well as job vacancy requirements.
  5. Our pricing is individually quoted because no CV is alike, and there are many different levels of composition, from academics, health, to sciences.
  6. You will be assigned an exclusive Resume Writer who will work one-on-one with you throughout the process.
  7. Next steps include writer consultation, information gathering, questionnaires, and development.
  8. Your CV will be sent to our in-house editors and proofreaders.
  9. You will receive a first draft of your CV for review and have 14 days to finalize your project.

We want to stress that there is no one-size-fits-all Curriculum Vitae. Jobs today are very competitive and you have to prove your value to a potential employer. By hiring-award winning and multi-certified resume-writing professionals who are experts in this field and have what it takes to prepare the exact content to ensure your CV is compelling, you are one step ahead of the game. To get started, call us at 800-471-9201 or click here.


Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn Profile Writing

If you’re actively managing your career, there’s one very important statistic that you should be aware of: 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn. That 87% is what makes LinkedIn worthwhile. If you hope to be identified as a candidate for one of the 70-80% of jobs that are never advertised, you must have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. The fact is that this is where recruiters go to find job candidates and qualified prospects to fit into their available jobs. Additionally, companies search LinkedIn for immediate hire.

We ensure your LinkedIn profile meets certain marketing and keyword requirements to be properly searched and found. LinkedIn changes the protocol from time to time, and your profile must be updated accordingly. That’s where the experts come in—experts who know exactly how to develop your complete profile. Getting on LinkedIn is one thing, but putting your best foot forward with a professional picture, the exact key terms to be searched, and a compelling profile are key to landing a job by harnessing the power of LinkedIn.

Learn More About LinkedIn Profile Writing

  1. Once your resume is developed by one of our Resume Writers, we can then develop your LinkedIn Profile, or we can develop your profile from scratch.
  2. Contact us and speak with one of our Career Advisors to submit your current resume or advise that you wish to have a LinkedIn Profile developed.
  3. You will receive a custom quote on development based on the amount of content and level of composition. Discounts apply if your resume has already been created by CPG.
  4. You will be partnered with an exclusive Resume Writer and work one-on-one during LinkedIn Profile development.
  5. You will receive a draft of your LinkedIn Profile to make any required edits and you can then populate your LinkedIn Profile directly on the site.

To get started, call us at 800-471-9201 or click here.

Providing Job-Winning Corporate, Government Contractor, Military and Federal Resume Service for Nearly Four Decades

Since 1986, CareerProPlus has been creating leading military transition resumes for military service personnel who are attempting to enter the federal workforce, corporate world or a government contractor job; corporate professionals seeking to enter the federal government, and federal employees seeking promotions or changes in general series, and/or federal workers leaving government seeking corporate employment. We specialize in preparing the military resume that leads to employment, as our clients are very successful in landing job interviews that lead to offers. Our comprehensive writer training program ensures the federal resume writer assigned to you is intimately familiar with the military to federal career transition process, and that your resume for military service highlights your particular skills and accomplishments that are highly coveted in today’s competitive federal job market.

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