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Translating Military Experience to Civilian Resumes

The first step toward getting a job after your military career is to create a Veteran resume. You probably have many marketable skills that employers demand right now – the challenge is translating your military expertise into an attractive civilian job application.

Military and civilian jobs are significantly different, so it makes sense that they have a unique format. They differ in many ways, from the document’s style to the language people use to describe their skills. Understanding the expectations of civilian employers will help you tailor your resume, so it appeals to their needs.

Here are the main differences between military and civilian resumes:

  • Style: A military resume is skills-based, highlighting the applicant’s most relevant expertise. Civilian resumes are slightly different. Hiring managers want to see the progression of your skills and how they’ve led to your greatest accomplishments.
  • Format: Members of the military have many different jobs throughout their careers. When applying for a military profession, you often list your most relevant jobs and leadership experiences first. Civilian resumes tend to follow a chronological order, starting with your most recent position and working backward. Experts recommend including the last 10-15 years of your career. If you’ve held dozens of military roles, fitting them all on your resume can be a challenge.
  • Vocabulary: People in the military use acronyms and jargon to explain their roles and responsibilities. When writing a military transition resume, you should assume your employer has minimal knowledge of military operations and terminology. Spelling out acronyms and explaining your accomplishments in simply, non-military terms can help civilian employers understand your skills.

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Resume Services

CareerProPlus provides you with several professional resume writing services to choose from, including corporate, military transition, federal, government contractor, overseas resumes and civilian resume writing for Veterans.

Writing a Competitive Resume

In a competitive job market, writing an excellent military transition resume isn’t always enough. Studies show job recruiters will decide if you’re a good candidate in a mere seven seconds. And that’s only if your resume survives the first automated keyword scan used by 90% of large companies.

You must craft your civilian resume carefully to show you’re qualified for a particular position. This includes using the language and keywords the employer used in the job posting. Many of your military skills and responsibilities can help you stand out if you describe them as relevant real-world talents. For example, instead of saying you were a lieutenant commanding a 45-person platoon, you could say you provided the necessary training and support to lead a team of 45 people.

You only have a few seconds to stand out from a pile of other applicants, so writing an impressive resume is crucial.

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What Type of Veteran Resume Do You Need?

CareerProPlus has been helping people apply for jobs since 1986. We specialize in Veteran resumes and resume services to help military personnel move from military jobs to private sector or government jobs. Our services include:

  • Military to corporate job resume services: The corporate world needs the discipline and tangible skills many Veterans have. However, the typical Veteran resume doesn’t emphasize skills such as leadership, team building and other transferable skills in a way that corporations understand. Our CareerProPlus Veteran resume services help you create an application that’s focused on results.
  • Military to federal job resume services: The government employment market is vast, with more than 2.1 million civilians working for the federal government in 2023. It’s also a very diverse market, with more than 350 different types of jobs. If you’re transitioning to a government career, the CareerProPlus team can help you create a customized resume that focuses on your talents and strengths — stressing your advantages as a job candidate.
  • Military to government contractor resume services: Government contract jobs can be lucrative if you get them. Simply using Veteran resume builders online may not emphasize the depth and breadth of relevant experience in a way that human resources departments can understand. Our personalized services get to the heart of what you need to include on your resume.
  • Management resume services: The discipline and leadership required of military careers are in demand in managerial positions. Highlighting these skills in a way that Human Resources can understand can be a challenge, so let CareerProPlus services help you put your best foot forward.
  • Executive resume services: Executives require business knowledge, discipline, organization, teamwork and leadership. CareerProPlus can help you showcase these abilities, so corporations recognize that you’re a team player and a powerful asset.

How to Build a Military Veteran Resume

There are plenty of Military Veteran resume examples online, but simply printing a generic resume and adding your information may not be enough to impress hiring managers. Military resumes use specialized terminology that may not transfer directly into civilian job applications.  If you want a job outside of the military, you’ll need to use approachable language and even a different format to attract attention.

At CareerProPlus, you’ll work one-on-one with our Certified Master Military Resume Writers to create an impressive resume to land a new career. With our help, 99.6% of our clients are completely satisfied and motivated to compete in the job market. Email us a copy of your military performance evaluations, awards, training and citations, along with the listing for the job that you want. We’ll provide a veteran resume rich in relevant keywords, content and accomplishments based on your military experience.

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You have served your country, and now you deserve a rewarding career. Start writing your Military Veteran resume with CareerProPlus. Our team has nearly four decades of experience writing personalized resumes for military service personnel.

We won’t hand you a Veteran resume sample and send you on your way. We’ll take the time to analyze your information and explain what you need to include to qualify for the jobs you want. Each Veteran resume we develop is customized. We’ll also review what jobs you’re eligible for and how to format your resumes correctly – even for online applications and built to be in compliance with artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

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