What Job Opportunities Are Available With Customs and Borders?

Agents who work for U.S. Customs and Border Protection help protect the more than 300 ports of entry across the United States. Their jobs can be intense, exciting and rewarding. For those seeking a career they can excel in for the long term, border patrol agents who do their jobs well have ample opportunity for career advancement.

These law enforcement officers often have a background in criminal justice and understand how to use technology such as low-light television systems and infrared scopes. To qualify for this job, you must meet many prerequisites, including being under age 40 or having a signed waiver based on your previous experience and holding U.S. citizenship. This growing field has ample openings for hard workers.

The Duties of Customs & Borders

What does customs & border protection do? Customs & Borders protects the country’s border security, which might encompass everything from immigration to agriculture. Your duties depend on where you’re located, and you can find opportunities abroad in addition to domestic ones.

Customs and border patrol agents focus on regulating trade and travel, stopping the flow of prohibited goods and keeping those who do not have proper documentation from crossing borders. They may also help figure out whether someone looking for entry has the right papers to cross. Depending on where agents are assigned, a few of their job duties include:

    • Preventing illegal drugs from crossing the border

    • Fighting human trafficking

    • Planning and leading tactical operations

    • Preventing weapons and terrorists from entering the country

Some agents work with K-9s to detect smuggling. Others join squads such as the Special Response Team, part of the Office of Field Operations (OFO). The Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team, also part of the OFO, is tasked with seizing contraband.

New border patrol agents must complete a 19-week training course, where they will learn about the laws governing the border. They also engage in physical and firearms training.

Job Opportunities With Customs & Border Protection

You can find many job opportunities with border patrol ideal for those who exhibit toughness both mentally and physically. You must have strong interpersonal skills, as you will work collaboratively with your team, and also demonstrate problem-solving abilities.

Most of the positions available with Customers & Border Protection are border protection officers. But it does need skilled professionals such as attorneys to provide nuanced advice and guidance as well. Openings include:

    • Supervisory CBP Officer: This position provides oversight of the instruction and evaluation of canine instructors and handlers, as well as maintaining program records and scheduling the training as well as special projects. You must have prior experience directing operational programs.

    • Customs and Border Protection Officer (VRA): Duties include overseeing inspections of people and the things they bring across the border as well as preventing trafficking of drugs and humans. Customs & Borders has a particularly high need for this position in Arizona.

    • General Attorney: The Office of The Chief Counsel has a legal team you would work for, providing CBP field managers legal advice based on their activities. General attorney duties also include extensive research and writing legal memoranda for CBP.

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