From the Managing Editor’s Desk, by Lee Kelley, November 2023

For almost 40 years now, we have been proudly working one-on-one with clients to develop tailored documents that help propel their career journeys. Over the past decade, we have also been training federal agencies in our areas of expertise, and 2023 has been a banner year for Career Pro Global’s Training Program.

By year’s end, we will have trained nearly 500 students, both virtually and in-person, through federal resume writing workshops, interview preparation workshops, military/federal resume writing certifications, and various topics related to Senior Executive Service (SES) applications.

We’ve provided tactical, yet easy to implement training to employees and aspiring executives at NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, Air Force Research Laboratories, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Naval Oceanographic Office, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and more!

If your agency wants to empower the workforce with highly useful training that supports their professional development and enhances employee engagement and morale, please contact me at

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