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Working at CareerPro Global (CPG) isn’t like working for other writing services. Our writers are all employees, not contractors. Writers are never on their own and always have the full support of a comprehensive team of professionals. There’s a reason CPG is one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the career management industry. From the very beginning, since 1986, we’ve been committed to long-term success and our leadership has understood that success comes from serving our clients. Our leadership relies on developing and growing the company through continuous improvement, incorporating all best practices, and improving quality and customer service, but most importantly appreciating and respecting the team and their contributions.

Writers at CPG are carefully selected, vetted, and talented professional writers. More than 75% of our team are Military Veterans or military spouses. Our writers partake in a three-to-six-month in-depth training process, partnered with our managing editor. Our talented creative and technical writers are not trained to write but to follow our exclusive process, which is consistently updated in keeping with new industry trends. CPG offers our writers tools, systems, and a secure online software environment, all designed to work our process and achieve success.

CPG writers are military officers, professors, journalists, authors, senior government employees, PhDs, and technical and creative writers with multiple certifications. Our writers are not contractors but employees of the company.

CPG offers its writers continuous training to understand all new hiring practices, learn writing techniques, and apply best practices and we award our writers and staff with industry-recognized Master Federal Resume Writer™, Master Federal Career Advisor and Trainer, and Master Military Resume Writer certifications.

Our writers follow CPG’s exclusive quality process using all best practices, adhere to company policies, and are fully supported by career advisors, managing editors, proofreaders, and IT and operations professionals. Our writers are not micromanaged but work with automated systems that support them throughout their work.

CPG writers manage their own projects and rely on supporting tools, resources, and systems to streamline processes. CPG only hires professional writers with extreme talent that produce the highest quality of writing, marketing, branding, and storytelling, all meeting job application guidelines, allowing our clients to succeed and secure interviews. Every member of CPG’s team remains accountable to each client, delivering the best customer service, quality of deliverables, and return on investment.

If you enjoy being given significant responsibility and the autonomy to manage it according to your own judgment because you’re recognized as a professional, there’s no better place to work than CPG.

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