ECQs Are Inevitable!

There are more than 2 million employees in the federal government, but only a little over 7,000 Senior Executives. And in order to be considered for this special group of elite leaders, the Office of Personnel Management has assimilated the ECQs into the application process, the interview process, and then the performance planning/appraisal process.

So, if you are a GS-15, corporate executive, or senior military leader, and have aspirations to apply for SES positions anytime soon, writing your ECQs is pretty much inevitable.

Since this unique graduate-level writing exercise pushes most people way outside of their comfort zones, it’s a great idea to start as soon as possible to learn about the best practices for writing effective ECQs, and then to begin choosing the specific examples you want to showcase in your ECQ portfolio.

With this in mind, we have designed a virtual ECQ training session that includes best practices instruction, followed by Q&A. This is designed to get your future executives thinking in the right way about ECQs, so they can avoid common pitfalls and be much more efficient with their valuable time.

We also offer virtual workshop participants the opportunity to submit their ECQs for editorial feedback from one of our Master Senior Executive Writers. Click here to learn more and empower your up and coming leaders with a group training session!

For individuals, we have designed the first and only online ECQ writing course that is self-paced to fit your busy schedule, and provides you with key insights, powerful tools, and examples. The course also includes editorial feedback on your ECQs. Click here to learn more and get started today.

Again, ECQs are an unavoidable flagstone on the path to the SES. Whether its the individual or group training, our tactical approach can give you much more confidence and clarity regarding ECQs, and help you to start viewing your own unique career through the lens of the ECQ categories and competencies. This can be both an empowering and humbling experience, and will undoubtedly move you one step closer to the goal of writing those inevitable ECQs, and joining the SES ranks someday.

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