Keeping Your Federal Resume up to Date is Simply Good Planning!

The calendar has turned over to a new year and maybe there’s an exciting new job waiting for you in the federal government.

Even if you are happy with the job you’re in, now is a good time to update your federal resume. It’s always better to have a resume that’s up to date in case an opportunity comes along. That way, rather than spending time updating your resume, you’ll be able to spend your time familiarizing yourself with the position you’re applying for and preparing to do your very best in an interview.

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If you have applied for a federal job, or currently hold one, you know that the federal resume is much different than a resume used to apply for private-sector jobs. Federal resumes can be difficult to assemble and have different requirements than a standard resume.Road Map to Federal Jobs

That’s where professional help makes sense. Even when you are updating your federal resume, you might miss something that could affect your chances at a great job down the road. A professional provides a valuable second set of eyes to make sure your resume is as complete and up to date as possible.

When you initially built your master federal resume, you listed your skills, experience and education.

Now that it’s time to update your resume, you can tailor it for a specific job description, which will make it easier for hiring managers to find in the system. Once you’ve gotten their attention, it will give you a better shot at moving along in the process.

If you are applying for a new job, update your federal resume with any significant achievements you had in the last calendar year. Maybe you were promoted or finished a certification course. Perhaps you implemented a new system or program that is saving your department a significant amount of money or making the operation run more efficiently.

Explain in detail what your achievements meant to your agency or department, and how you would bring that experience to a new position. Always include numbers, figures and any other data you have to quantify your achievement. Also, don’t assume that a hiring manager knows everything about your current position or agency. If necessary, explain your current role. Don’t use acronyms or jargon.

Whatever the updates are, be sure to include keywords and phrases that describe the position you are applying for and highlight the skills and tasks you have mastered that could make you a top candidate.

Even if you aren’t currently applying for a job, update your accomplishments while they’re fresh in your mind. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s a competitive world out there, and including every detail of your accomplishments could catch the eye of a hiring manager in the future and move you to the top of the list of candidates. Doing it now will save time if you do apply for another job in the future.

Be sure to check your entire resume for spelling and grammar. Even little mistakes are noticed by hiring managers. Take the time to read your resume carefully. Set it aside for a while and then read it again. You should even have your spouse or a friend read it. Better yet, have a professional check it.

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Studies show that many employers spend a minute or less going over a person’s resume. That means your resume must stand out from all the others. Federal hiring agencies also use automated systems to pre-evaluate resumes. If there are typos, grammatical errors or incorrect formatting, it will get tossed aside without further consideration.

One advantage of sitting down with a professional is that he or she will point out that your skills, accomplishments and jobs you’ve held in the past are your greatest assets in job hunting. They should be customized for each position you apply for and updated when appropriate.

Make that next big step in your career with confidence and peace of mind by hiring a federal resume writer at CareerProPlus to help make your overall application rise above the rest. Down the road, you’ll be glad you did.

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