How to Transition From a Military to Civilian Job

As a Veteran or member of the military transitioning out of service, you may be looking for a job and wondering where to start. Whether you’re looking to land a government contractor position, a federal job or corporate employment, CareerPro Global is here is help.

When beginning a post-military career, know that with the right tools, hope and success are right around the corner. There are many ways to leverage skills learned in the military and effectively communicate them to prospective employers.

Communicate and Leverage Military-Related Skills

When transitioning out of the military and into civilian life, learning how to sell your skills is crucial. In the military, you deal with absolutes and know that misstatements and imprecision can cost lives. However, when you leave the military, your journey to civilian employment may require a greater amount of salesmanship. While it may take some practice when it comes to “selling yourself,” your skills and talents matter — both in the military and in civilian life.

One essential way to leverage the military-related skills you already have is to identify transferable skills. With some creativity and practice, you can describe your military experiences in ways that pique the interest of employers. For example, if you were the head of an aircraft repair department, brainstorm ways in which the Six Sigma principles you cultivated could apply to an operations job.

When transitioning out of the military and into civilian life, you should also:

    • Know self-knowledge is the single most crucial component in a job search

    • Nail down the specific skills and talents you possess which will be valuable to a hiring manager

    • Locate military-friendly employers

    • Network and play up your strengths as an ex-military candidate

    • Adjust from military to corporate speak

    • Connect with organizations that focus on military to civilian transitions

Military to Civilian Transition Guide

Making the transition from the military to a civilian job is easier when you have basic guidelines to follow and actionable steps to execute. The four main steps involved in transitioning from military to civilian employment are:

    1. Finding work that sparks your interest or aligns with your passions.

    1. Determining your transferable skills and talents.

    1. Tailoring your resume to new jobs while emphasizing your talents and skills.

    1. Setting short and long-term goals for your career transition and sticking to them.

At CareerPro Global, we help you identify the transferable skills you already possess from your military experience. We’ll then help you reframe those talents and aptitudes to target your desired civilian job.

Why Choose CareerPro Global for Career and Transitional Assistance

For over three decades, CareerPro Global has earned a reputation as the most trusted resume writers, career coaches and trainers in the industry. With a specialization in writing federal and military resumes, our team of career and resume experts possess the expertise and employ the most current career tools and resources.

The team at CareerPro Global consists of branding experts, editors, journalists, published authors, Human Resources (HR) professionals, Information Technology (IT) professionals, educators, Public Relations experts, engineers, attorneys and former military leaders who will set you on the right path to ensure your transition from the military to a civilian job is effective. There are several reasons to partner with us:

    • Our writers hold multiple certifications such as Master Military, Federal, and Civilian resume and career training certification. We’ve written over 60K military and federal resumes, with high success.

    • We have extensive knowledge when it comes to translating military careers into civilian terminology. This helps our military clients land interviews and jobs faster.

    • We were the first and only Career Management Service in the world to earn ISO-9001:2008 Registration and Certification from 2010 to 2019.

    • We are authors and administrators of numerous Master Level Resume Writing and Training Certifications.

    • Our organization maintains a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate.

    • We operate through a comprehensive writer training program, continuous writer training and rigorous certification requirements.

    • Our team allows you to work one-on-one with both our Career Coaches and Master Resume Writers.

Contact CareerPro Global for a Free Consultation

Recognized as industry experts, CareerPro Global has been serving federal, military and corporate clients since 1986. For military personnel transitioning out of service and wanting to land a civilian job, government contract or private sector job, we can assist you with all three.   Fill out our online contact form today to receive a quick quote and free consultation with a Master Federal Career Coach.

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