Top Three Obstacles to a Job Search and Career Satisfaction

by Barbara Adams, CFRW, CMRW, CPRW, CEIP, CFCA-T

At CareerPro Global, we have worked with many different people at various stages in their career and job search. We have found the following to be the top three obstacles to job search success and career fulfillment:entering into the federal job market

  1. Lack of preparation. You never know when something is going to change; changes in the market, for your employer, or to your own career aspirations can launch you into an unexpected job search. This is often incredibly daunting because there is so much to prepare before you can even begin the search. Keeping your resume updated and expanding your network can ease the stress of losing or changing your job, as you won’t have to worry about updating your old resume first. Even if you don’t have to or choose not to start a job search soon, periodically refreshing your resume, your social media profiles, and your skill set will ensure you’re prepared to seize every opportunity and face whatever changes come your way.
  2. Lack of branding. Some small changes can have a major impact on your success, particularly when it comes to how you present yourself. How you brand yourself makes a huge difference in how hiring managers and people you network with will perceive you and your skills. Aligning your strengths with current needs is a surefire way to broadcast not only your experience, but also your understanding of trends within your field. Your brand should be adaptable to shifting market needs, ensuring you remain visible and relevant in your career field and for the job you wish to obtain. A professional resume that brands you and makes you competitive is critical for networking and any job search.
  3. Feeling stuck. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to success and fulfillment. You can get distracted by day-to-day minutiae or feel locked in to career decisions you made months or even years ago. You have a lot more control of your career than you may realize, and you should always keep your eye out for new career opportunities, particularly if you are unhappy, unfulfilled, or know in advance your company is downsizing or closing. Building a fulfilling career takes work and attention; it’s worth the time and effort to ensure you’re happy with the path you’re on. If you’re not, or even if you’re simply curious about what other options are out there for you, enlisting the support of a Career Advisor can be a worthwhile investment to keep you motivated, on target, and fulfilling your career potential.

How Can We Help?

CareerPro Global offers 36 years of experience and the support of award-winning, published, multi-certified Resume Writers and Career Advisors that are the best of the best in the industry. We offer an amazing gift to our clients in the form of confidence. Often, it’s difficult for job seekers to see their own strengths and unique selling points. They have no idea if their experience, skills, and accomplishments are competitive or how to even begin to secure a new job. We can empower you to see your marketability and leverage your experience in a completely new way to achieve your career goals. In our rapidly changing hiring landscape, both Resume Writers and Career Advisors will lead you down the path to success. Contact us today!

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