Five Best Federal Jobs for Military Spouses

Being married to someone who serves in the military means you can also serve alongside that person. In
the end, the person you love the most needs your support during service deployment and relocation.
It’s 2021, and military spouses need and deserve to chase their own dreams.

It is no secret that federal government employment comes with a variety of benefits. So, if you want to
build an impressive and fulfilling career, the foundation lies in effective time management. Your focus of
interest should be “how” you use your time and attend to your family’s needs at the same time.


Now, let’s take a look at the five best federal jobs that are ideal for military spouses:

1. Family and Marriage Therapist

Another ideal federal job military spouse is family and marriage therapist. According to the Bureau of Labor, the demand for family and marriage therapists will increase to almost 30% in the next few years. In 2021, more people want to seek proper help from a professional therapist when they’re dealing with a marriage or family crisis.

In any case, you can fill this shortage that is present in military families in urban living conditions. Usually, you will need a state certification or master’s degree to perform this type of job. And if you’ve got the degree and certification, you can earn as much as $47,000 per year.

2. Elderly Healthcare

The demand for healthcare professionals and nurses is at an all-time high. With the rise in the elderly base, there are more opportunities in specialized elderly healthcare and support in the federal job market. For instance, you can opt for an ambulatory therapist or home-based health aide.

However, there are some elderly healthcare jobs that require extensive training. But typically, you don’t need a master’s degree or decades of formal experience to pursue a career as a home caregiver. Besides, most home care agencies now provide relevant job tracking and offer an enjoyable work environment.

If you’d like to care for the elderly, this kind of federal job can help you make a real difference. When it comes to elderly healthcare, no one is more suitable than a military spouse and you can easily find military retirees close to bases.

3. Military Background Social Worker

Thanks to the National Association of Social Workers, you can benefit from the new credential designed to help social workers for military and Veteran families. Practically, social workers need a master’s degree and state certification to perform services.

In short, this type of specialized expertise is perfect for military spouses to capitalize. On average, licensed and state-certified social workers can earn around $40,000 to $76,000. Your military spouse can, for instance, improve the certification level by getting personal on-the-ground experience and training. In fact, social workers who are military spouses are more competitive and position themselves in the supervisory category among social workers.

4. Pharmacy Technicians or Pharmacist

The employment opportunities to become a pharmacist are at their peak. It can take around 6 years to become a certified pharmacist and earn more than $100,000 a year. With the elderly population on the rise, demand for pharmacy tech and pharmacists will also increase.

Most reputable schools now even offer online programs to become certified and licensed pharmacist. But if you don’t want to get a master’s degree, you can still become a pharmacy technician. Most states now mandate pharmacy technicians to take up an internship program prior to working in stores.

5. Veterinary Assistants

This type of federal job is ideal for military spouses who have a genuine interest (and curiosity) to work with injured or sick military pets or animals. The responsibility of a veterinarian is to diagnose and treat the pets or animals and provide necessary comfort and food.

As a veterinary assistant, you will have to collect blood and tissue samples and assist in various surgical procedures. Military spouses are perfect for this job because they are usually available close to or on military bases.

What Else

Computer Specialist

In a digital and tech-driven world, people need the support of computer experts to navigate programs and applications. In every industry, there is an urgent need for computer specialists who can provide assistance and support.

If you have a degree in computer science or understand the software and hardware mechanics of computer devices, then you get a job as a computer specialist. In this career path, trained and experienced computer specialists work with IT departments in traditional offices.

However, remote work setups are also available to some federal employees. One of the best aspects of this job is a high level of flexibility. From clothing brands to car dealers to gym facilities, all depend on IT support. On average, computer specialists make from $26,600 to $55,500 a year.

This is the kind of job you can grow to love over time and combine other skills to offer more specialized services. Other similar jobs that are well-suited for military spouses include librarians, teachers, and survey statisticians. These jobs are also available either on-site or close to military bases.

Sum Up

It is common to be unaware of specific state certification or licensing for different types of jobs. Whether it’s healthcare, teaching, or social work, Career Pro Plus can help you paint a clear picture of federal job requirements.

In the quest to get the best federal government job for your military spouse, you will need the patience to resolve challenges. As long as you have a proactive approach to seek out a federal government job, you’d be surprised to find out numerous rewarding opportunities.

The top fields on this list can help you get started and decide which one is more viable as a career. With exciting opportunities and competitive salaries in federal government jobs, you can start a new profession and climb the ladder to the top of your career.

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