SES Candidate Development Program: Are you Prepared to Apply?

Many SES CDP Programs are scheduled to open in 2014. SES Candidate Development Program – Are you Prepared to Apply?

What is the SES CDP? It’s the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program that helps candidates get ready to take on Senior Executive Service positions.

This is a good route to take if you’d like to get promoted to an SES job from within, or even if you’re applying from the outside, the SES Candidate Development Program is a great head start. Many Senior Executive Service professionals get their start by entry into this program and you can too. Allow us to partner with you to develop your very important Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program resume and get your foot in the door for a future position.

What Does the SES Candidate Development Program Involve?

This program not only will help you get your application ready to gain employment or on the executive leadership track in the Federal government, it can also help you get additional experience to add to your federal SES resume and application package so you can jump when a job is available. SES jobs typically don’t stay open for very long, so let our SES Resume Writing Team help you be fully prepared for when that opportunity comes.

The SES Candidate Development Program also offers SES training for future positions. How does SES training work? Activities that help candidates learn the Five Executive Core Qualifications will be a boost when it’s time to get ready for your SES Application package. You’ll be groomed for an SES job using your skills as a leader, which will be further honed by SES tutoring.

Essentially, you’ll already be prepared with the skills you need once you get hired for an SES position. This will definitely set you apart from the other applicants and will ensure your success and future hiring prospects.


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