Why Should I Apply for Federal Jobs After the Military?

In 2021, it makes perfect sense to apply for a federal job after your military service. You should be aware of the fact that there is growing interest and demand for federal jobs. And why wouldn’t it be? Federal jobs offer the flexibility, stability, and benefits that people want. As a Veteran, you can get expect to get an attractive compensation package with suitable salaries in federal jobs. Unlike the private corporate sector, you can also enjoy consistent pay raises. Many Veterans apply to federal jobs to avail long-term practical health insurance coverage that can extend to the eye, dental, and life insurance.

More Incentives and Freedom

The truth is that federal jobs come with better incentives than private jobs. Plus, federal jobs are stable and allow Veterans to focus on their passion project. Many Americans view federal jobs as a step in the right direction. Contrary to misguided perception, applying for a federal job doesn’t necessarily involve a complicated process and conditions.

Flexible Work Schedule

Once you make the selection, you can opt for specific work schedules, pay off student loans, and incur less stress. If you want to compete for a federal job, you might even get an option to work from home from some agencies.

Gain Valuable Contacts

Since there are a lot of high-profile employment opportunities in the federal government, you get the chance to meet judges, senators, and other powerful people. In fact, many Veterans consider federal employment as a chance to work side-by-side with top-level officials and make a long-term difference.

In time, federal government jobs offer more mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. You can use colleague references if you ever decide to move to switch to the private sector.  The public sector also offers more engagement and makes it easier to balance professional and personal life.

Enjoy Great Benefits Regularly

After military service, hunting for a federal job may sound stressful and tricky. But think about all the benefits and opportunities that lie ahead. Government average salaries highly competitive and military background and strong education, you can expect more pay.

Standard benefits attached to federal jobs include retirement benefits, vacation, federal holidays, and different types of insurance coverage. Federal employment offers more flexible policies and caters to the needs of family-friendly individuals. You can also enjoy the top-tier best daycare services on-site.

No Corporate Control

Unlike the private corporate sector, federal government jobs don’t demand unrealistic and long work schedules. You can have a normal nine to five routine and enjoy the federal holidays at the same time. Not to mention, you can also get a generous number of sick and vacation leaves.

In most federal government jobs, you also have the freedom to not wear the traditional dress code and opt for a casual style. It has become one of the most effective ways for government agencies to draw the attention of skilled workers.

Convenient Location

Another reason and perk for applying for a federal job is convenience. Chances are you’d be able to get hired for a federal government job where you live right now. It may come as a surprise but more than 80% of jobs are, in fact, outside of the Washington D.C. area. For instance, up to 50,000 federal employees also work from abroad.

Job Stability and Security

When it comes to federal employment, shutdowns and furloughs are not common. In the private sector, however, furloughs continue to haunt millions of people across the U.S. But if there is serious instability, the risk to lose work is significantly low in the federal government.

And unlike the private sector, the government cannot declare bankruptcy. This is the main reason so many Veterans continue to opt for federal jobs to have job security. Federal emplacement stays safe and secure amidst economic hardships.

Find Your Purpose

If you’re a multi-generational millennial Veteran, then you will find a federal job comforting. Not just because it is the most stable way to earn money – but how it gives you the freedom to find your purpose n life and dive into education, security, and healthcare issues that matter to you.

With a federal government job, Veterans get the opportunity to put their professional career on the right track. Currently, there is high career growth in the federal government. It means now is the perfect time to become part of the public service and open new windows of opportunities.

Focus on What Matters to YOU

You can keep a federal job and still focus on your life goals. In fact, many Veterans take up a federal job to serve the public again and form a new mission in life. In the end, your service time comes down to the retirement and promotion in a federal position. It means you receive Veteran-specific preferences based on your job application.

Public service allows you to live life to the fullest. At the same time, it fulfills the need of hundreds and thousands of Veterans to help out people and make a difference. With a federal job, you can address the issues like homelessness and cleanliness issues.

A Chance to Make a Difference, Again

You can find a federal job that requires working for a politician who holds the same values as you. But whether you land a federal emplacement at the Department of Homeland Security or Environment Protection Agency, you will make a positive difference in people’s lives. So, if you’re working in a federal government job, you can disrupt an activity that might be illicit.

Final Thoughts

There are more opportunities and demand for Veterans to get hired in federal jobs than ever. In fact, the government is now seeking out thousands of different positions and wants to match a wide range of jobs with specific interests and skills.

Career Pro Plus

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