Top Ten 2022 Staffing Trends to Follow

In the current job seeker’s market, all companies need to keep up with the latest staffing trends to attract and retain talented employees. The latest reports show that 4.5 million workers resigned in November of 2021, creating a significant need for businesses to fill open positions.

Discover ten staffing trends to follow in 2022 to attract new employees and retain long-time staff for your business. Trends include both what to look for in employment candidates and what your company can offer as an incentive to join the team.

1.) Provide Healthcare Benefits

Only 59% of businesses provide health insurance benefits to their workers. With a 4% increase in healthcare expenses in the last year, it is essential to offer healthcare benefits to retain high-quality workers.

Implementing a benefit like an employee wellness program can also help boost your staff’s mental, emotional, and physical health. This can lead to better productivity and improved loyalty among your employees.

2.) Consider Candidates With Soft Skills

While hard skills are important, you can benefit from looking at candidates with soft skills. People with a proven track record of good communication, leadership, and mentoring skills are a beneficial addition to your workforce.

3.) Create an Inclusive Work Environment

A CNBC survey found that 80% of the workforce prefers to work for an organization that values inclusivity, diversity, and equality. It is vital to create an inclusive work environment to attract and retain employees.

This can include hiring people from different cultural backgrounds and immigrant workers to create a welcoming, diverse workplace.

4.) Invest in Upskilling Current Employees

Rather than hiring new staff to take on a role, consider investing in your current workforce, allowing them to absorb additional responsibilities into their positions. This benefits the company and the employee in the long term because they gain valuable skills and accreditation through the training programs you provide.

57% of employees leave their job because of their boss. You can also improve employee retention by focusing on upskilling people in management positions to ensure those working under them feel supported.

5.) Look for Professionally Written Resumes

A professionally written corporate or federal resume is a sign of an excellent employment candidate. Look for new hires that provide a thorough, organized resume that speaks to the position’s qualifications and requirements.

6.) Update Your Space to Keep Staff Safe

In the hospitality industry, in particular, employees are looking for workplaces that value their safety and wellbeing. This means smaller spaces for reduced capacity or outdoor venues are attractive to prospective hires.

When you can keep your staff small, workers feel safe while on the job. Look at ways to introduce outdoor dining, takeout windows, and other measures that take the pressure off service industry workers.

7.) Address Employee Feedback

Employees want to feel appreciated and heard by their employers. Provide feedback opportunities for your staff and act on their input where possible. This creates a trusting relationship between your company and its employees, leading to an increased sense of loyalty and responsibility from workers.

8.) Offer Competitive Pay

In the past two years, inflation has risen by 7%, causing adjusted hourly earnings to fall by 2.4%. The U.S. federal minimum wage still sits at $7.25 per hour. To stand out to employees, you must offer a competitive pay rate to potential and current employees.

9.) Build In Flexibility

Remote work and flexible schedules are in high demand among employees. 59% of workers report that they would choose a company that offered remote work opportunities over one that didn’t.

When hiring, offer as much flexibility and remote work opportunities as possible.

10.) Focus on Internal Hires

One 2022 staffing trend to follow is to focus on internal hires over outside additions. Rather than look for qualified people outside of the company, offer professional growth opportunities to current employees that will prepare them for promotions within the company.

Attract Talented Employees and Maintain Company Loyalty

Hiring talented employees during the Great Resignation is not impossible. Look for candidates with professionally written resumes to start your hiring process. Then, offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and an inclusive workspace to ensure that your business holds on to its talented workforce.

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