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  • Phillip Villarreal
    " Mara, I could not believe how wonderful the resumes look. I'm so glad that I had the chance and experience to have your help. I couldn't have done better myself, again thank you for your patience and expertise. You are excellent in what you do and very kind. Thank you. "
  • Louis Haney
    " Gerard, I have reviewed the revised version of my resume and I just wanted to relay to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance in this matter. Upon my initial inquiry, you and Eric were extremely professional and helpful in every aspect. Your efforts will not go unnoticed as I have passed your Company on to everyone that I know is retiring or getting out. I still have a few months left here in Afghanistan; however, your help has allowed me to rest easy knowing this is completed. I am completely satisfied with the results and I could not have asked for anything more then what you portrayed on that resume. I never would have been able to take military skills and made them sound like you have. Thank you again for all your help. "
  • W. Wood
    " I wanted to thank you and your organization for the experience and professional assistance I received from Bruce Hillman. His work was fantastic, really top drawer! As you could imagine, after 30 years in the Army, numerous deployments, many headaches and heartaches, turning that experience over to a person that I have not met, was not easy. His prose was magnificent. He took all of the gibberish that I provided and turned it into a world class product. I have used other resume companies and have not received the same results, or trust. My many thanks as I begin this new chapter in my life. I feel greatly prepared with his product. "
  • Jason Alridge
    " I am now with Booz Allen Hamilton earning 10k more than I was making with SAIC and as a result of the relocation I was able to move in with and marry my fiance. It's all a direct result of the great job you done on my resume. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I'm very happy. I am considering a deployment to Afghanistan and even internally the other Booz offices want my most current resume. I also want to look at the rest of the market for deployments to see what I can possibly earn. So its time to update it :) . Thanks once more for everything. "
  • W.G., SES Candidate

    " This was my first attempt into the federal job market. I came from an extensive civil service career at the local level but the federal process was a whole different kingdom. I was completely off course and under a two-week time limit when I reached out to your company. I was assured we would complete the process but it would take a commitment on my part as well as the company. My writer was above great and we worked at all hours to fulfill out commitment to each other and the process. Not only did I benefit from an outstanding finished product, it became obvious my application would not even have met format requirements without your process. My hopes are that our partnership allows me to get to the next level. May God Bless your company for providing professional service with a human quality. Especially, when I needed it. "
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