Informational Video about Career Pro Plus Resumes
  • Ken
    " Wow…this is great! The visual impact and organizational style is awesome "
  • Kendra O.
    " I was for in the market for a resume writing company and my sister-in-law recommended Career Pro. Karen was my assigned writer. She was excellent at helping me to organize and present my skill-set in a way that was polished and cohesive. The finished product exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Career Pro and Karen S. Thank you Career Pro. "
  • Adam Drake
    " Upon contacting CareerPro Global I received a call back that, to my surprise, lasted over 45 minutes. Everyone I have spoken with has taken the time to explain all the processes and tricks of government hiring to me in wonderful detail. My first conversation with the writer of my resume, Joseph Tatner, lasted over an hour and the information I received in that call alone was very valuable. After completing the required forms, receiving a first draft from Mr. Tatner, and going through the revision process I am confident that I have a resume that sets me apart from the competition. I look forward to working with CareerPro Global again for any future resume needs I have and I recommend them wholeheartedly to my associates who need government resumes. "
  • S. Jones

    "  Michelle is awesome! I was referred for 4 positions(2 GS 11's and 2 GS 12.) prior to my process being closed out. I'm currently waiting for the interview process and I'm sure one of these positions will yield at least 2 job offers.   "
  • D. Blankenship

    "  I could never have put together an adequate Federal Resume without my writer and coach. She was amazing, very professional, extremely knowledgeable and skilled at assisting me in putting together the best possible Federal Resume. I was skeptical at first with seeking outside assistance due to the cost, as well as, past issues with other so called resume writers. The service I received was well worth the fee, and to be honest, I believe I got more service that I ever expected. Anyone wanting to look their best on a Federal Resume, or any resume, should feel confident they will get ever pennies worth of service they pay for.   "
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Begin a new career or expand your expertise in coaching and writing resumes for military and federal job seekers. Certification training is based on our ISO-9001 quality process.

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Our Master Federal Career Advisors are experts in developing SES applications and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that make it past the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).