Informational Video about Career Pro Plus Resumes
  • Ken
    " Wow…this is great! The visual impact and organizational style is awesome "
  • John F.
    " I felt that Joseph went well above and beyond what he was contracted for and I felt he took a personal interest in all details. His service was more than: just writing a resume because he walked me through the steps in submitting the resume and all of the required attachments without my feeling that I was imposing. This additional service on his part was very much appreciated and without it my efforts to apply for the job may have been for naught. He recognized the complexities of applying for a government job and added his expertise. "
  • H. G.
    " I applied for the position you developed my resume for and they not only brought me in as a GS-12, but I was able to negotiate a recruitment bonus and started at Step 4. Thanks for the hard work. "
  • Doug Barnes
    " Eric, well, the resume you did for me was effective. With absolutely no government or Navy experience I have just finished my first year at USAG. "
  • W.G., SES Candidate

    " This was my first attempt into the federal job market. I came from an extensive civil service career at the local level but the federal process was a whole different kingdom. I was completely off course and under a two-week time limit when I reached out to your company. I was assured we would complete the process but it would take a commitment on my part as well as the company. My writer was above great and we worked at all hours to fulfill out commitment to each other and the process. Not only did I benefit from an outstanding finished product, it became obvious my application would not even have met format requirements without your process. My hopes are that our partnership allows me to get to the next level. May God Bless your company for providing professional service with a human quality. Especially, when I needed it. "
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