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  • C. Alexander
    " The first government resume developed by CareerPro Global I was referred by USA Jobs. I also used CareerPro to write my Military Transition Resume and got immediate job referrals to several companies using this document. I could not have asked for a better outcome in my early job search. I owe this in large part to their outstanding professional resume writer. I would recommend this service to any military member transitioning from the service. "
  • JB
    " I am pleased with the service that was provided by CareerPro staff with completing projects on a timely matter. Prices were very affordable and the writing services was excellent also, I am know working on a career job that I really love Thanks to CareerPro Global for making my dreams come true. "
  • Dianne
    " Bruce: Just gave you an A on your report card! You are outstanding. Thanks again! "
  • Kurt H. Shorts
    " Susie communicated with me constantly and made any changes I suggested. She offered advice on my suggestions and worked with me as a teammate. Thanks to her work, I was able to land a job with a major corporation. The hiring manager said my resume ":stood out among the rest." Once again, thanks to Susie and Darrell Jones, who aided me at the very beginning. Your company has nothing but professionals striving to help others in their career searches. "
  • Sincerely, Mary

    " Dear Barbara:
    I simply don’t have enough good things to say about Career Pro Global. Yesterday I was accepted to the Senior Executive Service after having my first set of ECQs summarily rejected. I had spent more than 30 hours writing the first set and more than 40 hours rewriting them (with the help of several others!) only to have my HR tell me they didn’t think I was going to make it. I was ready to throw in the towel when I gave your company a call based on the testimonials I read on your website. It was the best thing I ever did. Within hours of sending Career Pro Global an email, Lisa Becker returned my call and talked me down from the ledge. My confidence had been shattered and Lisa couldn’t have been kinder or more supportive. She told me she was going to put me with the best – and she did. Your senior writer and consultant is a combination coach, cheerleader, analyst (in both meanings of that word), and a brilliant writer. She elicited information from me I didn’t know I had, made sure that I was comfortable with every word (she is very ethical) and proceeded to make SES-style poetry out of my accomplishments which no matter how hard I had tried I couldn’t make them sound right. We worked hard but had a great time doing it and I really appreciated my writers sense of humor. We laughed together a lot which is saying something given that this process has been so painful. When my writer gave me the final version of my ECQs, I felt like we had really accomplished something. I saw myself in a different light and told her that even if I didn’t make it, I knew I had done the very best I could and I thought my ECQs were perfect. Perhaps OPM thought so too because five business days later I got the good news that I had been accepted. Thank you Career Pro Global for restoring my confidence in myself and for the truly excellent work that you do! "
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