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  • R. Scott
    " Eric and Lee are the epitome of professionalism. Eric helped me scope what career fields were best suited for my application based on my life experiences. Lee was superb at pulling information from me, formatting it, and developing compelling narratives that made my resume "POP" and stand out. Definitely recommend them to all. "
  • Louis Haney
    " Gerard, I have reviewed the revised version of my resume and I just wanted to relay to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance in this matter. Upon my initial inquiry, you and Eric were extremely professional and helpful in every aspect. Your efforts will not go unnoticed as I have passed your Company on to everyone that I know is retiring or getting out. I still have a few months left here in Afghanistan; however, your help has allowed me to rest easy knowing this is completed. I am completely satisfied with the results and I could not have asked for anything more then what you portrayed on that resume. I never would have been able to take military skills and made them sound like you have. Thank you again for all your help. "
  • D. Terwilliger
    " I hired on with CALIBRE last week. You finished my resume, I applied for a job and "BAM" they called and hired me. "
  • V. Flowler
    " Susie: I have been selected "Best Qualified" on two jobs. I had my first interview with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday for a GS14 position. Thanks for your help. "
  • Kurt H. Shorts
    " Susie communicated with me constantly and made any changes I suggested. She offered advice on my suggestions and worked with me as a teammate. Thanks to her work, I was able to land a job with a major corporation. The hiring manager said my resume ":stood out among the rest." Once again, thanks to Susie and Darrell Jones, who aided me at the very beginning. Your company has nothing but professionals striving to help others in their career searches. "
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