What Our Clients Are Saying

With me being deployed, the process was very simple and easy. I received my finished product way ahead of schedule because of the hard work and dedication of Joseph. Thanks for the great job! I will recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Debbie, Thank you very much…it looks great! All in all, very happy with it…you did a fantastic job!

Joseph: I would like to thank you for giving me that “leading edge” on my resume! Last month, I had a telephonic interview at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. I was a little nervous, and the interview went well. I have many other job offers as well. I just would like to thank you for your expertise and professionalism in doing what you do best…Pimpin out federal resumes! My hat goes off to you! Regards,

Without a doubt, I will recommend this service to friends and family, if fact I did all ready.

I have used other resume services in the past and this service was by far the most professional and knowledgeable. Pat did a fantastic job on my federal resume and KSAs, and I was able to edit my federal resume to use for civilian jobs as well. The people who were on the front lines of the phones were honest, sincere and knew what they were talking about and I never felt like a bother. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to retool his or her resume, federal or civilian and I would certainly use their services again.

I must say the process was very professional and thorough. The counselors were courteous and spent as much time with me as I felt I needed. I would highly recommend your services without hesitation.

Ted: Read it, Loved it! Turned it in- THEY LOVE it! You are a GOD. I am so glad that I used this service. I agonized over my resume for months, and just couldn’t make it shine like you did. You had all of the little details that they were looking for and proper grammar and descriptions. I appreciate that you have probably helped me get a position as a Mobility Officer. Joseph, They look great. I know this was business but I really appreciate your efforts. I feel like you took a personal interest in my resume and crafted a bestseller.

I respect the integrity of the sales worker. She listened to my needs and was able to accommodate them. My writer was available by email and phone which was easy to contact her. She was helpful in a stressful situation of completing my KSAs in 2 days. RA At first glance, this looks amazing. I actually sound impressive to myself now! Thanks so much!

I made the call. I have been offered the position!!!! More details soon. Thank you for all you did to make this happen!

After a gruesome time while I was in Brazzaville, Congo, Africa I contacted you all just days away from the closing of the position below. Chris you took me in but you had to go on leave so you turned me over to Joseph, the King of Resume Writing! During a time of dropped calls and internet outages in contacting you on Skype Joseph on a Friday you did an amazing job and you got the finished product to me with no problem through our weekend communications on Skype. Below you will find the final offer email. I will start working on 1 Aug 11. I want to thank you Joseph for your professionalism and your work. Chris, you left me in good hands. I have highly recommended your company to my colleagues and friends. Thank you so much for taking me on and helping me to shine to get past OPM. Your strategic workings within my resume allowed me to be highly recommended for both levels of the position and the hiring agency selected me for the highest position after I sat down and talked with them. So, you all helped me to get more money, more benefits, less international travel and more domestic travel with an office that supports teleworking from home, a security clearance upgrade and I’m as happy as I can be! Thank you.