SES Five Page All-Inclusive

New Signature Five-Page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume

Finally, after two decades of writing 10+-page Senior Executive Service (SES) federal resume applications, there has finally been a change in the SES Resume requirements for specific agencies. Applying for an SES position is demonstrating your ability to lead people, lead change, build coalitions, possess business acumen, and showcase demonstrated results.

Our SES Five-Page All-Inclusive federal resumes are packed full of these leadership qualities detailed with challenges, individual and specific actions taken, and—most importantly—qualitative and quantitative results. Since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began beta testing the scaled-down Five-Page SES Resume in the beginning of 2009, other federal agencies have adopted this format; CareerPro Plus has been conducting our own beta test and has successfully come up with a comprehensive record of proven performance in our own Five-Page All-Inclusive Resume we’ve developed with our own SES resume services.

The Five-Page SES Resume includes the five ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) and TQs (Technical Qualifications), MTQs (Managerial TQs), or DQs (Desirable Qualifications). The new signature Five-Page All-Inclusive—as we have named this application—would appear to be much simpler to develop. However, the reality is that a comprehensive federal resume and normally 10 pages of ECQ documentation, and perhaps 2 to 4 pages of TQs, if required, must be pared down and information optimized to showcase the most important facets of your leadership qualifications. Therefore, even though the resulting document is smaller, the SES requirements make it a more difficult and time-consuming process.

Other federal agencies have specific resume requirements, such as the following:

Five-Page SES Resume and Separate ECQs

This entails a five-page SES resume and up to 10 pages of ECQ documentation. The 28 executive core competencies are required to be addressed throughout each respective ECQ, in addition to TQs, if required. The ECQs are developed following the CCAR (Challenge-Context-Action-Result) model.

First Read the Federal Job Vacancy for Instructions

It is imperative that you read each SES application in its entirety prior to writing your package. Different agencies sometimes change SES resume requirements from fax and email to mail-in only, as well as regarding, SES resume page length, ECQ character count, and font and margin requirements. Any application submission that deviates from what is requested on the specific vacancy announcement will most likely be rejected.

To begin the process:

  1. Email us a copy of your federal vacancy announcement, along with your resume.
  2. An executive Career Coach will contact you within 24 hours of receipt to discuss qualification criteria, timeline, costs, and our SES resume services.

This review is FREE, and we will determine if our SES resume writers can indeed qualify you to become one of the next SES leaders within the federal government.


“Was one of four people selected to interview for the SES position. Waiting to hear results. Meanwhile I have been the acting Director, and have received numerous accolades from the DISA Director…will let you know how it turned out…BTW my SES package was rated the best overall. Thanks” -Rich