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CareerProPlus specializes in the development of Senior Executive Service (SES) Resumes. We have a Senior Executive Writing team that are highly qualified and extremely experienced in the complex development of SES Resumes. We earn our client SES interviews leading to job offers!

The Senior Executive Service (SES) plays a vital role in ensuring the continuing transformation of government, serving as a liaison between the government and its political agenda and those on the “front lines” who implement it on a daily basis. While SES jobs are highly coveted, they can be quite difficult to attain. To give you the best chance of landing prestigious and high-earning SES jobs, you can benefit greatly from the best SES writing help available when preparing your resume. CareerProPlus possesses the specialized expertise that can make all the difference when creating effective SES resumes that lead to interviews.

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30-years Providing Compelling SES Writing Help for SES Jobs

Since 1986, CareerProPlus has been helping executives prepare for the challenging SES application process by providing expert career advice and SES resume writing services. During this time, we’ve prepared more SES Applications than any other company in our industry. An essential component of all SES jobs is the possession of strong leadership skills with proven results. Our Certified Master Senior Writers will help you identify relevant examples of leadership you have displayed within the past 10-years and craft SES resumes that are brimming with your various leadership attributes and accomplishments. We can help you become one of our SES clients who successfully obtain interviews that lead to job offers.

Our SES Writers Coach You Through SES Application Development

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The SES application process is filled with potential pitfalls. One slight misstep can derail your candidacy well before it can advance to the hiring stages. In addition to providing effective SES writing help, our team of Master Federal Career Advisors can ensure no critical details are overlooked and that all relevant competencies are addressed thoroughly and accurately. In short, we use all Best Practices in the development of your SES resume. It’s this attention to detail that has helped us successfully develop more than 3,500 SES applications, leading to an overall client satisfaction rate of 99.6%.

Submit Your Current Resume Today

To begin the process of landing a position with the Senior Executive Service, submit your current resume and any SES vacancy announcement to our Master Federal Career Advisors. We will evaluate your resume, assess your qualifications for SES jobs, and provide an initial consultation—free of charge. We will also provide you with a quote for our services.

Don’t let incomplete or unimpressive SES resumes and applications prevent you from launching a fulfilling career in the Senior Executive Service. Let the premier writing and career management team at CareerProPlus help you stand out from a coveted and crowded job applicant field. Contact us to find out additional information about our SES Writing Help to land different SES Jobs.

Our SES Resume Team

Since 1986, our team has been committed to being the best resume writers and career coaches in the industry. Our team holds multiple writing certifications and possess strong career backgrounds with a gift for professional writing. If you are looking for SES resume writing assistance, our team is here to help. You will work closely with a Master Federal Resume Writer who will help you pinpoint your strengths and highlight them in the most positive and competitive manner.

Highly Accomplished Senior Executive Resume Writers

Our writers are widely recognized as being among the premier and “go-to” experts in SES application development. Federal agencies often hire our writers to assist select candidates who have been offered SES position, but cannot receive Certified ECQS from OPM. Our SES resume writers have taken the most difficult scientific and medical clients and turned their ECQs from disqualified to Certified.

Work one-on-one with your exclusive SES resume writer to flesh out your most notable executive leadership experience and accomplishments within the last 10-years. We always advise our executive clients: “It’s not what you want to write in your application—it’s what the federal hiring authority and agency wants to hear and how they want to hear it.” It’s that simple or complicated for most.

As the authors of Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service, we share three decades of expertise in our publication, including 30+ years of experience and all best practices. We track federal agencies’ SES hiring protocol and their SES application package requirements in order to give you the leg up in SES Resume development. Our most popular SES Resume writing service is writing the Five-page SES Resume, which is populated with your executive leadership and accomplishments.

CareerProPlus uses only all best practices when developing your Senior Executive Service Resume. Our reputation is impeccable, and we work with the most amazing and accomplished leaders from the corporate sector, military, and those who climbed the ladder in federal government.

Speak with one of our Career Advisors to determine whether our SES resume writing services are for you and how we can assist in developing for you an extremely competitive SES Resume. Call 800-471-9201 for a no-cost consult. Click on the GET STARTED button and send us a copy of your resume and SES job vacancy of interestor a sample SES vacancy so we can better assist you.


Lee is hands-down the most professional, confident, supportive, and capable person I have had the chance to interact with in the “professional writing for me” space. I’ve gone with the cheaper alternative in the past, and now know it’s much better to invest upfront, then go round and round with a writer who ends up giving you a substandard product. I will be a customer in the future, and recommend anyone who’s on the fence to make the investment. It will pay off over and over. – J. Sutton