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We are America’s leading Corporate, Military Transition, Government Contractor, and Veterans resume-writing team. Our award-winning team of resume writers and recipients of “The Best Military Resume.” Our professional military resume writing services are sought after by thousands of enlisted and military officers each year. Our Military Transition Resumes land our clients the all-important interview, leading to job offers.

It’s a very complicated process to translate military language into civilian terminology, but our team of Master Military Resume Writers are just the experts you need to help you land your next job and career. Many veterans say hiring us to write their military transition resume is the best decision they ever made!

You have been trained in and possess experience for so many different specialty areas that civilians have not. Hundreds or thousands of others may have the same MOS as you, however, the level of your experience, skills and accomplishments are all different. When writing your professional military resume, our goal is to elevate your individual value and ensure you are very competitive.

Many of our team members and resume writers are senior enlisted and military officers. They all have earned multiple resume writing and career advising certifications, along with completing up to 6-months of training. Their mission is simple; to ensure you receive the best customer service, product quality and results with your new resume. They speak both your language and that of the military, as well as federal government and corporate HR. All of our former military personal enjoy helping their fellow veterans.

Thousands of military members and veterans come to us to develop a professional corporate resume to use to apply for government contracting jobs. We successfully land our clients interviews at top corporations like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, Raytheon, SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), Google, IBM, HP and the list goes on.

Below is a list of the Top 100 Government Contractors; select a few government contractors you wish to work for and send us a job announcement so we can assist you in an interview-winning government contractor resume. Call us at 800-471-9201 or send us an email with your current resume and job vacancy of interest for a quote for our professional military resume writing services.

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Top 100 Contractors in FY 2015 by Dollars Obligated

Rank Global Vendor Name Actions Performd Dollars Obligated
1 Lockheed Martin Corporation 121,387 $36,259,911,070.83
2 The Boeing Company 13,201 $16,646,781,379.52
3 General Dynamics Corporation 21,945 $13,632,984,913.57
4 Raytheon Company 10,554 $13,114,246,704.69
5 Northrop Grumman Corporation 11,628 $10,637,246,770.72
6 McKesson Corporation 106,371 $8,358,491,280.54
7 United Technologies Corporation 25,400 $6,792,039,706.41
8 L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. 8,493 $5,450,824,009.65
9 Bechtel 201 $4,645,069,049.63
10 BAE Systems 10,541 $4,436,736,025.43
11 Huntington Ingalls Industries 2,815 $3,658,243,433.80
12 Humana Inc. 359 $3,606,978,123.20
13 Science Applications International Corporation 65,985 $3,379,536,958.40
14 Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation 7,113 $3,297,743,554.14
15 Health Net Inc. 238,665 $3,020,424,385.16
16 Computer Sciences Corporation 3,993 $2,756,927,050.45
17 UnitedHealth Group 47,752 $2,717,025,525.59
18 Aecom 5,755 $2,642,891,178.55
19 Leidos 5,416 $2,616,770,962.11
20 Harris Corporation 3,619 $2,408,484,467.32
21 General Atomics 794 $2,367,308,868.69
22 Hewlett-Packard Company 19,814 $2,339,463,638.01
23 Battelle Memorial Institute 1,920 $2,160,120,731.76
24 United Launch Alliance LLC 127 $2,101,574,375.78
25 Los Alamos National Security 43 $2,101,199,645.51
26 CACI International Inc.  3,432 $2,060,262,978.75
27 Bell Boeing Joint Project Office 2,570 $2,043,291,313.12
28 AmerisourceBergen Corporation 207,887 $1,905,142,847.42
29 California Institute of Technology 2,094 $1,865,908,370.62
30 Honeywell International Inc. 6,941 $1,779,793,073.48
31 General Electric Company 7,168 $1,694,742,834.63
32 Cerberus Capital Management 1,147 $1,661,418,631.90
33 Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC 28 $1,649,049,334.46
34 Alliant Techsystems Inc. 2,340 $1,639,683,465.61
35 Textron Inc. 4,568 $1,601,995,468.59
36 Lawrence Livermore National Security 75 $1,479,337,728.49
37 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. 3,447 $1,478,726,652.43
38 Merck & Co. Inc. 169 $1,429,525,856.36
39 Oshkosh Corporation 7,503 $1,425,719,452.89
40 URS Corporation 1,053 $1,419,404,544.21
41 Accenture Inc. 1,235 $1,405,912,537.52
42 UT-Battelle Partnership 54 $1,382,350,891.11
43 MITRE Corporation 923 $1,375,216,972.36
44 Geo Group 743 $1,305,212,285.82
45 Deloitte LLP 2,135 $1,271,569,331.97
46 Cardinal Health Inc. 345,938 $1,237,765,959.70
47 International Business Machines Corporation 1,766 $1,146,316,171.13
48 Hensel Phelps Construction 959 $1,136,826,512.50
49 Atlantic Diving Supply Inc. 21,505 $1,127,681,555.03
50 CDW 8,561 $1,126,071,331.58
51 Partnership for Supply Chain Management Inc. 8 $1,116,394,260.00
52 Fluor Corporation 620 $1,104,860,125.36
53 Sterling Parent Inc. 2,016 $1,076,045,234.02
54 CH2M Hill 1,810 $1,058,458,310.44
55 State of California 2,058 $1,043,133,029.25
56 Johns Hopkins University 2,306 $1,042,573,951.79
57 PAE Holding Corporation 722 $1,038,319,541.72
58 Patriot Team 1,202 $1,023,751,398.29
59 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company 3,061 $1,022,394,435.83
60 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 418 $1,008,987,437.69
61 Chugach Alaska Corporation 3,975 $1,002,301,572.73
62 Sierra Nevada Corporation 828 $991,348,427.35
63 Corrections Corporation of America 276 $955,440,686.36
64  Vectrus Systems Corporation  517  $939,981,606.37
65  MacAndrews & Forbes  1,253  $918,230,264.44
66  Pfizer Inc.  280  $915,457,674.74
67  The Aerospace Corporation  429  $891,293,226.35
68  Royal Dutch Shell Plc  777  $889,306,927.73
69  Savannah River National Laboratory  72  $888,787,570.74
70  Bahrain Petroleum Company (closed)  103  $864,975,051.99
71  Austal  127  $845,997,862.19
72  ManTech International  2,082  $845,737,909.23
73  McCarthy Mortenson NBAF: A Joint Venture  7  $842,970,468.00
74  Arctic Slope Regional Corporation  1,558  $831,366,667.43
75  Exelis Inc.  2,068  $829,184,993.14
76  Rockwell Collins  2,413  $821,017,550.48
77  Coins ’N Things  223  $797,898,825.81
78  CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.  1,172  $775,107,940.48
79  Exxon Mobil Corporation  278  $770,793,543.46
80  Denali Holding Inc.  5,820  $757,055,487.35
81  Alion Science and Technology  1,284  $743,165,970.67
82  Johns Hopkins Health Sys Corp  33  $726,110,658.12
83  Space Exploration Technologies Corp.  46  $672,805,700.06
84  FedEx  6,159,100  $660,967,648.51
85  Valero Energy Corporation  409  $645,962,647.93
86  Wyle Services Corporation  1,309  $642,109,898.40
87  AT&T  10,184  $629,937,452.22
88  Sanofi  230  $625,879,250.36
89  GlaxoSmithKline  183  $617,114,539.15
90  Serco Group Plc  1,193  $575,085,983.68
91  Navistar International Corporation  1,398  $575,070,751.35
92  Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  1,937  $571,691,663.24
93  Rolls-Royce Corporation  873  $550,725,221.56
94  Express Scripts Holding Company  196  $543,588,235.51
95  B.L. Harbert Holdings LLC  113  $537,767,715.18
96  Insight Enterprises Inc.  1,835  $534,665,924.24
97  National Security Technologies LLC  31  $524,715,956.10
98  Caddell Construction Co. Inc.  141  $490,729,304.41
99  Chemonics International Inc.  234  $488,918,571.20
100  Mythics Inc.  905  $479,849,039.65

More About Our Military Transition Resumes

For 30+years, our Military Transition resume-writing team has led the resume-writing industry in customer service, product quality, and results. Many of our writers are veterans themselves and take very seriously their responsibility of writing a powerful and competitive resume for our clients. As tricky as it is to demilitarize veterans’ resumes, our writers have firsthand knowledge of military jargon and know exactly what content to use to describe and translate the experience gained while serving in the military.
From enlisted to military flag officers, we take the guesswork out of transforming your military career documentation into strong, “demilitarized,” accomplishment-focused, and interview-winning military to federal resume presentations.

Generals, Colonels, Admirals, and Navy Captains will be marketed as CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and COOs in the corporate sector. We’ll listen to your career transition desires and expectations and develop your military to corporate resume based on your future career transition objectives.

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How to Prepare to Transition from the Military

If you are like many who are leaving the military, the key next step in life is transitioning to a new career in the civilian world. Understandably, the idea of preparing resumes and cover letters, as well as going to job interviews can be overwhelming. You might not even be sure if any of the skills you have developed while serving your country are even relevant in today’s work environments.
Start collecting your annual performance evaluations: NCOERS, FitReps, OERs, training records, citations, awards, and all other military career information. These documents will be extremely helpful in preparing your Military Transition Resume (MTR). A good time to develop your MTR is when you are eight months out so you can start networking and even practicing interviewing.

Military Resumes for All Branches of the Service

If you are unsure how to write a military resume, CareerProPlus gives you access to a team of professional Military Resume-writing experts to help create for you a winning document that will attract the attention of any employer. Our Master Military Resume Writers specialize in writing Federal, Corporate, and Military resumes, so they are completely familiar with how to “demilitarize” your experiences into civilian terminology, making you a more marketable job candidate. Your Military Resume Writer will consult with you throughout the resume preparation process to ensure your most relevant skills and qualifications come to the forefront.

Effective Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army to Civilian Resume Preparation

Competitive and Job-Winning Military Resumes

Military Uniform BarsReturning Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army veterans often face a difficult job market—even more so during challenging economic times. It is essential that you have the right resume to successfully compete against civilian candidates as well as other former Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army personnel who are also seeking employment.

Our Military Resume Writers at CareerProPlus possess knowledge of the skills that you obtained during your service and can prepare an Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, or Army to civilian resume that “translates” these skills into ones that meet the current needs of employers. Our comprehensive writer training program provides our writers with the most up-to-date Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army civilian resume preparation tools to ensure your resume remains relevant.

CareerProPlus Is a Recognized Expert in the Preparation of Military Resumes

Since our beginnings in 1986, CareerProPlus has become a widely recognized expert in how to write a Military resume, including Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army civilian resumes. We’ve authored several publications on the topic of Military resume writing, and we are the only career management service firm with an internal quality management system. We’ve written more than 60,000 military resumes over the past 30+ years. We’ve also received numerous top industry awards, including for Best Cover Letter (2010) and Best Military Transition Resume (2011). But perhaps what is most important is the fact that 85% of the Military resumes we prepare land our clients interviews that lead to job offers.

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We are committed to helping you along in this process. Transition fast from the military, as we are committed to customer service, product quality, and results. Partner with the most trusted and professional Military resume-writing service and enjoy the results from thousands of clients who have hired us and have achieved great results!

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“After a 22-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, I turned to CareerPro Global for providing me a professional resume and the end result was beyond my expectations. Thank you for your contribution to my future and a job well done. Semper Fi!” – Dwight Torres (CWO3, USMC Retired)