LinkedIn Profile Writing

Why Are LinkedIn Profiles Important During the Job Search Process?

Years ago, having a good resume and a strong handshake were the necessary qualities to land a job. Today, the competitive landscape has changed, and employers are increasingly looking not onlySeveral People in Suits Talking at qualifications but also at LinkedIn accounts when searching for talent. In fact, some employers primarily use LinkedIn when looking for new candidates, and 85% of recruiters look at LinkedIn before using another resource to search for employees.

Having a good LinkedIn profile means you can attract recruiters right where they are looking, but how can you create a profile that gets results? Working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer is a smart investment in your job hunt and may help you land that dream position.

Should I Have A Professional Write My LinkedIn Profile?

When writing your LinkedIn profile, it is important to use the right grammar and the right words to make your qualifications shine. However, as all LinkedIn users know, your profile is made of more than just words. Professional LinkedIn profile writers have spent years reviewing and writing profiles. They know how to make each of the LinkedIn elements work, from your headshot to your headlines to a list of your work experience. Our LinkedIn profile writers can maximize each part of your LinkedIn profile so it is not only polished but also stands up well when compared to other candidates.

Imagine having someone with insider LinkedIn experience writing your profile. Hiring a professional writer with LinkedIn resume experience is close to that. The most professional LinkedIn profile writers know what works and what doesn’t so they can create a profile designed to get you results.

Should My Resume Writer Write My LinkedIn Profile?

You can hire separate resume and LinkedIn profile writing professionals, but it’s a great idea to get the same professional for both, provided you work with a service experienced in both kinds of writing. Having the same writer take care of both your LinkedIn profile and resume ensures your application stays consistent and has the same tone. This way, when a recruiter contacts you through LinkedIn and asks for your resume, there won’t be any inconsistencies and your overall personal brand will be intact.

Combined resume and LinkedIn writing services also offer value because they allow you to tackle the two biggest tools of your job hunt at the same time, meaning you have the resources you need to seek out a new opportunity.

CareerProPlus’s LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

If you’d like a LinkedIn writing service to offer professional insight and that polished touch to your profile, contact the professional LinkedIn resume writers at CareerProPlus. CareerProPlus numbers speak for themselves: a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate, and 85% of clients land interviews leading to job offers after working with us. If you could use some help with LinkedIn, contact CareerProPlus to get started.