Effective Government Resumes

If you have served your country in the military, you may be considering a government job and wondering how to write an effective government resume. There are many reasons why you might want to revise your government job resume.

How Veterans Can Create Effective Federal Government Resumes

Your experience in the military means you already have some government experience. In addition, many of the qualities and skills you used in your military service – such as leadership, team building, technical skills and more – look outstanding on a resume for a government job.

Types of Government Jobs

Pie Chart of Administrative Jobs and All Other Types Of Jobs



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The federal government is also an excellent employer for civilians. In 2013, over 2 million American civilians worked in 350 different types of government jobs. The federal government remains one of the biggest employers in the country, employing approximately 1.5% of the population. Federal government jobs are available in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government in all 50 states, in the U.S. territories and beyond. There are many choices and opportunities to explore, from administrative jobs which account for 40% of all federal government jobs to blue collar jobs and technical work. With a huge demand for workers and with good benefits and pay, the government is an excellent place for veterans to seek employment.

However, there’s one problem: you can’t simply dust off the resume you used for your service and apply for a government job. Government jobs are highly competitive, especially since they offer good benefits and stability. To land the job you want, you need to apply for the right positions, create a persuasive job application using the right language, and use the right federal government resume format. Even small mistakes can hurt your job search, so it’s important to make sure you write an effective resume.

Government Jobs Are a Great Fit for Veterans

Now for the good news: Landing a government job can be a great way to transition to the civilian workforce. You’ll likely be using many of the same skills you needed in the military. You may even be performing comparable work — even your security clearance may come in handy with some government positions.

Best of all, you’ll still be able to serve your country, just in a slightly different way. Many veterans transition into government jobs and find a lot of satisfaction in their work. If you enjoyed the structure and the sense of making a difference, a government position can offer some of the same benefits.

A Plan of Action for Your Job Search

Landing the right government job begins with a plan of action and a strong application that includes an effective federal government Washington Monumentresume. Unfortunately, ads for government positions can result in thousands of government resumes from highly qualified candidates — including current government workers. How will your application stand out? To make a positive impression, you need to use the right format and strong wording that explains your skills in an easy-to-understand way. Remember that your application may be screened by an assistant who isn’t familiar with certain military or technical terms. In other cases, a government office may simply be skimming resumes for specific words.

So what will help you get a great job? First, you need to review your qualifications and apply for government positions that are a good fit. Then, you need to ensure your application is in the right format and includes the necessary keywords for government resumes so no one can mistake your qualifications.

You may not be a specialized, trained writer, but the CareerProPlus government resume writing service has a team of multi-certified and highly experienced award-winning veteran resume builders at your disposal. We can take your unique skills and create a properly formatted resume and application that shows off your unique talents. We’ll also help showcase your best qualities and practical training to demonstrate your qualifications. Contact us today for a free consultation with our veteran resume builders!

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