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Federal Resumes

Trusted Federal Resume Services

If you are about to leave the military, you are undoubtedly proud of your many accomplishments while serving your country. However, you may be apprehensive about your job prospects in civilian life, particularly when you consider the relatively high unemployment rate experienced by returning veterans. Or if you are transitioning from the private sector to federal government our Master Federal Career Advisors and Master Federal Resume Writers will assist you in targeting specific occupations and federal agencies.

The federal resume writing service offered by CareerProPlus can provide you with the tools you need to “hold your own” in the highly competitive federal job market. Since 1986, CareerProPlus has proudly served military personnel in their employment quest. We’ve written more than 55,000 military, civilian and federal resumes, resulting in 85% of our clients landing interviews that lead to job offers.


Are you...

  • Applying for federal jobs but never receive interviews?
  • Not sure how to develop your federal resume and KSAs?
  • Transferring to another federal agency?
  • Writing your federal resume to receive a promotion?
  • Interested in applying to the federal government for the first time?
  • “Qualified” but never “Best Qualified”?
  • Interested in qualifying for an SES position?

We Specialize in Simplifying Challenging Transitions

At CareerProPlus, we’re experts at helping people seamlessly navigate the challenging career transition phase. For instance, if you are attempting to move from the military into the corporate world, we can ensure that your resume is free of military jargon that might not be applicable to the private sector. We can also highlight your military skills in a way that makes them transferable to civilian life. This can help you land job interviews more quickly and get hired faster.

A Federal Resume Writing Service Featuring Top-Caliber Writers

CareerProPlus gives you access to a premier writing team holding prestigious certifications, such as Master Military Resume Writer and Master Federal Resume Writer, ensuring your resume is not only written well, but also relevant to the types of jobs you are seeking. You will be assigned a dedicated resume writer who will consult with you throughout the entire resume preparation process. Our writers benefit from a comprehensive initial training program, as well as ongoing training throughout their career. You will also work on a one-on-one basis with a Master Federal Career Advisor to help you determine the best jobs to apply for in accordance with your unique career goals and qualifications.

Federal Resume Writing Services That Meet the Needs of Our Clients

In addition to our high rate of success at landing interviews, our clients are extremely happy with our products and services like our federal resumes, as indicated by our 99.6% client satisfaction rate. We are also the only career management service firm in the world to have earned ISO 9001:2008 certification. When it comes to a federal job search, wasted time means lost money. Don’t delay—contact a CareerProPlus Master Federal Career Advisor today for a free consultation. Find out great information about Army CPOL Resumix and see examples today.

Our Services Come With an Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our goal is to help you reach your career goals. To ensure you are completely satisfied with our services, we offer a comprehensive 100 percent guarantee. We guarantee that you will absolutely love your new resume, or we will revise it within 14 days at no additional charge. We also guarantee that your resume will help you succeed in the workplace and provide you with a fast return on your investment. Additionally, we guarantee to protect your privacy and to offer world-class customer service for as long as you are a CareerProPlus client.

Our Resume Team

Our federal resume writing team is committed to producing the best resume and career services products, providing top-notch service, and staying updated on the global hiring and employment trends. Our team possesses strong writing and career backgrounds working in major roles of Fortune 500 corporations. We welcome your business in 2014, 2015 and beyond!

Our resume writers work with you to provide you the most comprehensive Ohio military resumes and Washington DC federal resumes, as well as services for veterans in a number of various states.

Our Career Advisors Can Assist you in Targeting Specific Federal Jobs

Our career advisors provide assistance to military personal that are separating or retiring, veterans, folks already working within the federal government seeking promotions, and professionals from the corporate sector seeking federal jobs. Recently, we are assisting many current federal employees seeking to work in the corporate sector and they need their federal resumes transformed into corporate resumes. We develop corporate resumes as well.

We prepare federal resumes for folks seeking employment at all levels within The Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Veteran’s Administration, Veteran’s Benefit Administration, Department of State, Department of Energy, FAA, ICE, Forestry Service, Patent and Trademarks, CDC, SSA, Office of the President, and so many more agencies. As a matter of fact, we prepare federal resumes for so many federal agencies everyday that we can honestly say that we are able to remain abreast of the federal hiring landscape and protocol.

With the passing of the federal budget for the upcoming year many new federal vacancy announcements will open. We recommend your federal resume is updated, targeted and includes strong content for your specific series and grade you wish to apply.

annual median income of veterans
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Federal Resumes

USAJOBS Application

USAJOBS resumes are placed into the USAJOBS Application System along with a questionnaire. The manner in which you respond to the questionnaire...

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Federal Job Information

Federal Job Information

Certainly, these applications can be daunting, even with the new USAJobs 3.0 Application System. But the fact is that the federal government is hiring, and WANTS TO HIRE YOU.

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Veteran Federal Resume Writing Help

Veteran Federal Resumes

Retiring or transitioning from the military is both an exciting and scary time. An easy and natural transition would be for a veteran to go to work for the federal government. However, you will need a veteran federal resume to apply.

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USAJobs Resume Writing Help


The USAJobs resume format is the most widely used application for federal hiring. Our Master Federal Resume Writers specialize in developing keyword- and content-enriched USAJobs resumes for WG, GS, and SES using our popular Headline format.

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