Private Sector Resumes

Private-Sector Resumes That Land Corporate Jobs

A “Good” Corporate Resume Isn’t Good Enough Anymore—It Must Be GREAT!

If you are a prior military or a Civil Service employee and want to transition into the corporate or private sector—or you already work in the private sector—our certified military to civilian resume writers know just how to put a private-sector spin on your previous career information.  Start polishing your interviewing skills now, because we’re going to take your resume from “not-so-good” or just “good” to “GREAT!”

Get Ahead of Your Competition

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If you are working for a private corporation or non-profit organization and wish to switch careers, change organizations, or apply for higher-level positions within your organization, we can help. Our Career Coaches are standing by to speak with you and provide a free career consultation. We will listen to your career objectives, develop a strategy, and provide an individualized quote for your corporate resume. Our private-sector resumes are created exclusively to reflect your individual value. We’ll make you stand out from your competition and get ahead of the pack.

Military Speak

If you are transitioning from the military to the private sector, we’ll turn your “military speak” into corporate language that is completely accomplishment-focused and shows what skills and expertise you bring to a for-profit or non-profit private-sector corporate environment. By allowing our professional writing team to crystallize and “demilitarize” your experience and demonstrate your value in a strategic and targeted private-sector resume, you’ll substantially increase your chances of receiving an interview. In fact, 85% of our clients who use our military to civilian resume writing services receive interviews—fast and strategically.