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If you are seeking to advance your executive career in today’s highly competitive corporate world, you need every edge you Man in Interview with Man and Womancan get. This includes having a succinct, accomplishment-focused resume that can capture the attention of a Human Resources representative in 10 seconds or less. CareerPro Plus can provide the executive resume preparation expertise that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

For more than three decades, our executive resume writing team has been earning our clients interviews by creating hard-hitting and interview-winning executive resumes. Our executive resume writing team knows all the right ingredients required to develop and produce high-impact executive resumes with the critical branding needed to help land you that all-important interview.

Our Resume Writers Are the Best in the Industry

Our resumes are not cookie-cutter presentations, and our premier, award-winning writers are masters in their craft and up-to-date in the executive hiring landscape. Our writers have published more than 300 online and print articles regarding resume writing and related topics, and have been nominated for, and won, numerous “Toast of the Resume Industry” (TORI) awards. CareerPro Global has also earned the “Innovator Award” in the careers industry.

As executives, you realize how hard it can be to climb the corporate ladder. We at CareerPro Global have climbed that ladder, and have achieved great success in landing our clients interviews, leading to jobs. As a matter of fact, we hold a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating with a 48% customer referral rate. Since you are at the top of your game, it only makes sense to partner with an executive resume preparation company that’s at the top of theirs.

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The Best C-Level Resumes for Executives

C-Level executives require strategic branding and our executive resume writers partner with the best of the best executives from Fortune 100 through 500 companies. Top corporate positions are extremely competitive, but we can help put you at the top of the competition by customizing each executive resume presentation, integrating executive language with
your value-added accomplishments and success stories.

Executive Resumes are Screened and Scrutinized

In the corporate world, C-Level executives are screened by different groups, such as search committees, boards of directors, and other executive leadership. For the most part, your resume will be scrutinized and your value must be clearly detailed. For maximum results, partner with our executive writing team and win that all-important interview. In this competitive employment market, your resume can’t just be good—it must be great! We can help make that happen!

Five Great Reasons to Hire CareerProPlus.com

  1. Higher Response Rates — A full 85% of our clients using our resume preparation services report receiving a higher response rate than they anticipated—receiving their first calls followed by interviews within weeks of sending their accomplishment-focused executive resume to prospective employers.
  2. More Targeted and Rewarding Positions/Offers — More than 78% of our executive resume preparation clients report that their new positions are providing them with a much greater sense of responsibility, autonomy, and job satisfaction than they had expected.
  3. Higher Salaries — Nine out of ten of our executive resume writing clients, including those overcoming specific concerns, such as age or periods of unemployment, report having achieved their salary goals, while many indicate they have actually surpassed their expectations.
  4. Higher Satisfaction Rate — 99.6% of CareerProPlus clients report they are extremely happy with our services.
  5. Quality You Can Count On — CareerProPlus has an internal quality management system, which demonstrates our commitment to quality. We’re the first and only career management service to earn this distinction.

Chief Executive Positions

Pie Chart of General & Operations Managers and Chief Executives
Source: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Management/Top-executives.htm

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