Cover Letters

Cover Letters Are Essential to Your Future Career Success

Cover letters are the introductory letters or emails attached to your resume or job application. They act as a first impression for recruiters and help you highlight your most impressive qualifications. They explain what opportunity you’re applying for and ask the recruiter to contact you.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of cover letters. These letters can encourage recruiters to take a close look at the rest of your Boardroom Meeting with Several Peopleapplication and emphasize why you’re a great candidate. Here’s the challenge: Most resumes only get about 10-15 seconds to make the right impression. You need to have the “wow” factor shine through in that narrow window of time to even get the recruiter to take a good look at your resume.

The importance of cover letters along with the competitive job market are why many candidates are turning to cover letter writing professionals to ensure their applications are ready. A professional cover letter writer can ensure your cover letter gets results.

What Types of Jobs Require Cover Letters?

In the past, private sectors jobs required a cover letter. Today, even some government and federal positions require a federal cover letter. The vast majority of corporate jobs also require a strong resume. In fact, if you are applying for any opportunity in virtually any industry, whether you are applying online or in hard copies, you will generally need a cover letter.

Should You Have Your Cover Letter Professionally Written?

While you may be confident in your own writing abilities, there is no substitute for a professional cover letter writing service. Quality resume and cover letter writing services are truly an investment in your future. Professional cover letter writers can offer you several advantages:

  • Professional writers have handled thousands of resumes and know exactly what works and what does not
  • A professional cover letter writing service has a rigorous editing process to ensure a polished cover letter
  • Professional writers have an unbiased view of you and your abilities, meaning they can craft a cover letter recruiters want to see
  • A professional cover letter writing service is designed to get you results, not just write a general cover letter
  • Writers with experience in federal cover letters can help you avoid some of the most common errors recruiters see in applications

CareerProPlus Cover Letter Writing Services

If you’d like to invest in your professional future, you will want to work with CareerProPlus professional resume and cover letter services for quality cover letters and resumes designed to help you pursue your career dreams. Our professional cover letter writers have written books about cover letters and resumes and have certification as well as extensive experience.

CareerProPlus has partnered with many individuals seeking career changes and new opportunities. The team has written more federal cover letters and resumes than any other career advisory firm. The team has written over 60,000 cover letters and resumes over 30 years and has helped 85% of clients land interviews.

Contact CareerProPlus today to find out how we can be part of your career success story.

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