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Master Military Resume Writer (MMRW) Certification

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Sharing decades of experience and best practices, the Master Military Resume Writer (MMRW) certification program is designed to teach new or experienced resume writers how to better understand the military structure, analyze and interpret military documentation, “demilitarize” military experience, then write and format job-winning Military Transition Resumes (MTRs).
Certification developed by the authors of the popular CPG book, Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes.

Millions of veterans (many of them unemployed) need your help, so get started today and position yourself as a Military Resume Writer!

Currently, there are 14 million military veterans in the workforce, with more than 225,000 Active Duty military personnel transitioning each year. Many military veterans who transition to the civilian workforce feel they are underemployed, not using their potential in their current job, for up to four years after separation. This is frequently because:

  • The hiring companies do not fully appreciate the technical skills and leadership abilities of a person who has served in the military; and/or
  • The military veteran was not fully knowledgeable of how to approach the civilian job market.

When these veterans exit the military at the conclusion of their service, they need help in the transition from their military careers to their new careers in the civilian workforce.

Resume With Military Experience

So what is the solution? This is where we, as professional Resume Writers, can help our veterans with military experience resumes. We are experienced in effectively organizing, assimilating and interpreting careers and marketing clients. We, as Military to Civilian Resume Writers, can relate military members’ qualifications and experience and demilitarize complex careers, projecting their clients’ experiences into highly effective resume presentation and career marketing documents.

Now you can increase your expertise in working with veterans and retiring military personnel by taking the Master Military Resume Writer (MMRW) course and earning certification, a top-notch program developed and administered through CareerPro Global Inc. (CPG), the “Home of the Military Resume”.

The MMRW program consists of six self-paced (self-study) modules covering the various methods used to translate skill and experience obtained in military service for use in the civilian or federal workplace. It also addresses the value of helping military members translate this experience and skill to private-sector positions. Each module consists of several lessons for each resume writing for military concept.

Module 1: Overview and Program Value

  • Program Overview
  • Value of Professional Resume-Writing Services to Military Members
  • Value of Military Service to the Civilian Workforce
  • Transition Options for Military Members with Military Experience

Module 2: Military Rank and Structure/MOS Equivalency

  • Military Ranks of the Four Services – Equivalent Levels of Civilian Workforce
  • Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) – Equivalent Civilian Professions

Module 3: Military Documentation I – Read and Interpret

  • Types of Military Documentation
  • Interpreting VMET and other Training Documentation
  • Interpret Awards and Citations

Module 4 – Military Documentation II – Read and Interpret

  • Evaluations
  • “Demilitarizing” Evaluations

Module 5: Military Transition Resume Formats

  • Civilian Formats – Functional vs. Chronological
  • Brief Introduction to Federal Resumix and Other Formats

Module 6: Review

  • Program Review
  • Directions for Final Assignment
  • Final Exam

Final Assignment

  • Comprehensive Final Exam
  • Sample Military Transition Resume

At the completion of the modules, you will be scheduled to take a comprehensive exam covering the content of the program to evaluate your comprehension. Upon your successful completion of the exam, you will be assigned a fictitious military transition presentation to complete as your concluding project. You will be provided with an Microsoft (MS) Word file containing all of the background information you will need to write the sample Military Transition Resume. A member of the CPG Certification Committee will review your product and provide feedback based upon the concepts introduced in the course. Should the Certification Committee deem your sample transition resume and/or exam unacceptable, you have the opportunity within 60 days to retake the exam at a cost of $95.00.


Every three years on the anniversary date of your initial certification, you will be required to recertify as a Master Military Resume Writer. A brief exam, Military Transition Resume and cover letter will be required for recertification. The cost to recertify is $275.00.

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The program is self-study and can be started at any time and worked on at your own pace. The cost of the MMRW certification program is $895.00.

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