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From Our Clients (Career Training)

  • Michael E Sutton

    " After a gruesome time while I was in Brazzaville, Congo, Africa I contacted you all just days away from the closing of the position below. Mr. Sheppard you took me in but you had to go on leave so you turned me over to Mr. Tatner, the King of Resume Writing! During a time of dropped calls and internet outages in contacting you on Skype Mr. Tatner on a Friday you did an amazing job and you got the finished product to me with no problem through our weekend communications on Skype. Below you will find the final offer email. I will start working on 1 Aug 11. I want to thank you Mr. Tatner for your professionalism and your work. Mr. Sheppard, you left me in good hands. I have highly recommended your company to my colleagues and friends. Thank you so much for taking me on and helping me to shine to get past OPM. Your strategic workings within my resume allowed me to be highly recommended for both levels of the position and the hiring agency selected me for the highest position after I sat down and talked with them. So, you all helped me to get more money, more benefits, less international travel and more domestic travel with an office that supports teleworking from home, a security clearance upgrade and I'm as happy as I can be! Thank you. "

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  • 25 years of Writing Experience
  • 55,000 Satisfied Customers
  • 99.6% Customer Satisfaction
  • 48% Referral Business Rate
  • Master Federal Resume Writers
  • Master Military Resume Writers
  • Certified Professional Resume Writers
  • Certified Career Coaches
  • Federal Keyword and Content Writing Experts
  • Cost ROI Ratio - Excellent
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
"Look at your career as your primary investment. Keep your earning power at its highest level. The money you spend doing this will return more to you than all other investments you are likely to make. You are your own best investment!"
-- Austin Kiplinger, publisher of the Kiplinger Magazine’

USAJOBS Training

USAJOBS Resume Building Training:

    • This one-and-a-half day workshop can be held onsite at your location with a minimum of 20 class participants. Computers are required in a classroom setting or students can be required to bring their own laptops. Our goal is to guide you through the process of creating/improving your federal resume.
    • To inform and empower you with hands-on coaching and tons of additional information and resources in our USAJOBS Workbook.



This workshop entails:Resume Building Training CareerPro Plus

    • Check Point 1 – Find and Select Job on the Website
    • Check Point 2 – Identify Keywords/Headlines to Use in Your Federal
    • Check Point 3 – Create the Framework for Your USAJOBS Resume
    • Check Point 4 – Write Your Duties and Accomplishments for Each Position
    • Check Point 5 – Complete Your USAJOBS Resume
    • USAJOBS Resume Review

This workshop includes USAJOBS Workbook, CD Rom with USAJobs Resume Builder, USAJOBS resume samples and other helpful tools and resources. Whatever your current level of education or understanding of the USAJOBS online hiring system you can always learn more!


Building a USAJOBS Resume Workshop

USAJOBS Resume Writing Workshop: This one and a half day workshop can be held on-site at your location with a minimum of 20 class participants.  Computers are required in a classroom.  Learn from the authors of numerous federal application guide books sharing over two decades of federal application expertise. CareerPro Global is an ISO-9001 Registered and Certified , Resume Writing, Career Coaching and Training organization, back with 25 years of exceptional past performance.

Workshop includes one or two trainers, USAJOBS Workbook, CD Rom with USAJOBS Resume Builder, USAJOBS Samples and other helpful tools and resources. Whatever your current level of education or understanding of the USAJOBS online hiring process, this workshop will be extremely helpful.

Registration and Workshop Availability

Contact Barbara Adams, Master Federal Career Advisor/Trainer, at 478-714-7549 for availability, pricing, and registration information.