ECQ Writing Workshop

Learn to Write Your Own ECQs with Our ECQ Training Workshop

It’s not easy to write Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that both stand out and fully support your intended position. That, however, is exactly what you need to avoid rejection—and with the right ECQ training, it can be an exciting challenge! With 85% of our clients receiving job offers, we know what it takes to effectively connect the dots between your past experience and the needs of potential employers.

The Key to Powerful, Effective ECQ Writing

Boardroom Meeting with Several PeopleDo you possess the critical leadership skills needed to make it as a 21st-century executive? You’ll have to prove it. The Office of Personnel Management calls for a demonstration of five Executive Core Qualifications in every application for an SES position or SES candidate development program. These include:

  1. Leading Change
  2. Leading People
  3. Results Driven
  4. Business Acumen
  5. Building Coalitions

In addition, each ECQ must be supported by a predetermined selection of 28 core competencies, including creativity, team building, human capital management, among others. Finally, across these five qualifications are five shared competencies that also need to be demonstrated in your writing—interpersonal skills, integrity/honesty, oral communication, written communication, continual learning, and public service motivation.

In our Senior Executive Services training courses, we will teach you to effectively create ECQs using up-to-date examples of your leadership skills in motion by relying on the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) format. These narratives show, firsthand, how you embody the core qualities that employers are seeking. Because the ECQs weigh in so heavily on candidate selection, it’s important to avoid common errors.

Most Common ECQ Writing Mistakes

It’s imperative your ECQ is flawless, but people still make mistakes. Here are some errors to keep a vigilant eye out for:

  • Using outdated examples
  • Forgetting to include results
  • Basic grammar and special issues
          Learn to write ECQs from one of the top SES resume services in the business through our ECQ training. Our ECQ Writing Workshop entails:
        1. Discussion and requirements of SES application requirements
        2. Discussion and drafting 10 ECQs utilizing our signature ECQ builder
        3. Discussion and brainstorming regarding how to integrate the 28 core competencies into your ECQ narrative
        4. Writing your ECQs, working one-on-one with the instructor to ensure strong Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) stories are presented to include the leadership competencies

One-day or two-day Senior Executive Services training courses will be hosted onsite for groups of 10 or more. Ask about our computer requirements before booking. The course includes Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service publication with CD-ROM, ECQ builders, ECQ samples, and other helpful resources. This is a very interactive workshop. No matter your current understanding of the Senior Executive Service ECQs and their requirements, you can always learn more!

Online ECQ Workshops

If an onsite ECQ training isn’t feasible or convenient for you, we’ve created two online courses designed to teach you how to write ECQs that convert your resume into an interview opportunity. CareerProPlus has the knowledge and experience to prepare you for your SES job search. We’ve put technology to work for you, and have provided the following experiences capable of readying you for hire:

  • ECQ Best Practices: Leaning on the CCAR format, this course will take you step-by-step through the process of developing strong and impactful descriptions. Take the program at your own pace with three months of access to our online resources. In addition, we give you the option of an individual training program. Ask us how you can get personal assistance in crafting effective ECQs on your employer’s dime.
  • ECQ Mastery: If you’re looking for an SES training workshop that takes your skills to the next level, you’ll benefit most from our ECQ mastery class. This course provides all of the guidance found in Best Practices and adds two manual review and feedback sessions utilizing the expertise of our SES ECQ specialists.

Fine-tune your Senior Executive Service ECQs for maximum impact and avoid the mistakes that can block you from your organization of choice.

Registration and ECQ Training Workshop Availability:

Contact Barbara Adams, Master Federal Career Advisor/Trainer, at 478-714-7549 for availability, pricing, and registration information.

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