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Military to Federal

Military to Federal

We Are the Authority on Military to Federal Resume Writing

25 Years of Experience Writing Military to Federal Resumes

Our team of award-winning Master Federal Resume Writers and Master Military Resume Writers bring 25 years of expertise and the perfect blend of skills to build your interviewing-winning military to federal resume.

The Federal Government Values Military ExperienceMilitary to Federal Resume Writing

If you are about to leave the military, chances are you have thought about seeking your next career in the federal government. Why? Well, there are many reasons. The federal government values military experience, as many of the jobs are similar to work performed by military personnel. It’s a natural transition for military personnel to apply for their counterpart civilian job in the federal government.

Military to Federal Is a Natural Transition

It is not unusual for a military member or veteran to be hired as a civilian for the same job or similar position once held while on Active Duty. Many of the skills and duties involved in military positions are directly transferable to civilian government jobs with DHS, FEMA, DOD, VA, TSA, DLA, FBI, CIA, and many other agencies and organizations. Many federal agencies also value the training and certifications gained in the military, not to mention those who possess and hold an active security clearance.

Experience can substitute for college degrees in many mid- and senior-level government positions. Private-sector jobs often require a minimum four-year degree for mid- to senior-level positions, but the federal government recognizes that military experience can often provide invaluable real-world experience. A military member or veteran without a degree can often enter the government workforce at a higher level than in the private sector. With the federal government, you are less likely to start at the bottom and “work your way up.”

Veterans’ Preference

Military veteran candidates are often eligible for special preference over non-veterans when applying for a government job. In some cases, even the spouses of veterans who were separated under honorable conditions can receive Veterans’ Preference. New federal hiring initiatives have been established by President Obama in 2011 to ensure veterans have preference in landing federal jobs.

What Federal Position Best Matches Your Experience?

Our Career Advisors are standing by and will match you with the perfect WG, GS, or SES position based on your military skills, education, and experience. We do this evaluation FREE for our vets. We’ll provide you with the series, grade, and guidance you need to strategically apply for targeted federal positions.

It’s All in the Military to Federal Resume

There is not one particular military to federal resume that will apply to all federal jobs. However, our Master Federal and Military Resume Writers will develop your federal resume for up to two general series and grades and provide you direction on how to tweak your resume for other similar positions. Call us today to receive a Quick Quote, and prepare to begin your transition faster, more strategically, and very successfully.

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Stefanie did another wonderful job updating my internship resume. She was great at rewording phrases, placing emphasis on key experience and key concepts, and making the resume look professional and sound fabulous. I always felt she was responsive and able to solve any problem I had. She truly cared that I get a quality product! Again, many thanks for your advice, time, and attention.”

-Leslie Bryant, Ret Lt. Col.

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