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  • Cynthia Cohen - civilian to federal client

    " 5 Stars ***** I am very impressed how professional and knowledgeable the CPG team is. Of the two coaches that I worked with, they did not hesitate to refer to the other one if they did not have the answers I was seeking. My resume is totally awesome - it even impressed my civilian coach! The coaches were extremely pleasant and professional, but also personable. I would absolutely recommend Career Pro Services - I feel without the help of your coaches, I would be clueless and lost in mounts of government paperwork. "

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Military to Corporate

Military to Corporate

We Take the Guesswork Out of “Demilitarizing” Military Experience

Have You Been Wondering How to “Demilitarize” Military Language to Corporate Speak? From soldiers to personnel, missions to assignments, and senior-enlisted to program, project, or operations managers, we know just the right language and words to describe your level of military experience.

Compete Against Your Civilian Applicants

In the economy we face today, it is not enough for your resume to be good; it must be great. The biggest challenge for military members is how to describe their experience like that of their civilian counterparts in order to be competitive. “Demilitarizing” military jargon is one of the most important strategies in landing a corporate position. We wrote the book, Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes, to guide you through this process.

Your Success Is Our SuccessProfessional Military to Corporate Transition Resumes

With 25 years of past performance, we have developed more military to corporate resumes than any other company. We find that most of our military clients are very humble, and simply tell us that they just did their job or accomplished their mission. So it’s our job and mission to extract the myriad of experiences gained from your training, actual real-time missions, and, most importantly, accomplishments, that set you apart from everyone else in the military with the same MOS. Our writers have a vast amount of training and expertise to accomplish this on your behalf.

Corporate America Wants to Hire the Military

Now you can have a superior military to corporate resume that will crystallize your military experience into plain civilian language with a twist of excellence that is compelling, is accomplishment-focused, and describes your experience and the value you bring to any corporate environment. Contact us for professional military resume assistance to help you as you transition.

You Are the Experts on the Battlefield, and We Are the Experts in Career Marketing! Allow us to create a strong military to corporate resume and arm you with the language required to compete and win the all-important interview.


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