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Set Up Your USAJOBS Account to Receive Openings of Interest via Email

Your federal job search is critical to your long-term career goals and can take a significant amount of your time. But there is a great way to save time using your USAJOBS account’s “Saved Searches.”

You can set up search parameters of your choice and receive vacancy announcements directly to your email inbox. Here is a step-by-step process to start receiving notifications of these saved searches with openings that interest you.

First, navigate to

In the upper right corner, click “Sign In” to access your USAJOBS account—or click “Create an Account” to create a new account.

Once you’ve signed in, you will be taken to the main page of “My Account”.

Click “Saved Searches” on the left side of your My Account page. If you’ve previously created saved searches, this is where they will appear.

In the middle of the screen, click on the blue box “Create a New Saved Search”. Complete each category for your new search as follows:

Keywords: You can add keywords to search such as job title, agency name, job announcement, etc. You can add filters including “All of these key words”, “The exact phrase”, “Any of these words”, or “Words similar to”. You can also add words that you don’t want included or you can simply search by a specific job title.

Salary or Pay Grade: Here you can search by your desired salary or a specific Pay Grade. Click the radio button next to your choice and complete the fields by clicking on the drop-down arrows. Note that some jobs may not have a predetermined salary/grade. In this case, leave the salary/grade parameters blank. You can also choose to “Show Only Senior Executive Service Postings” by clicking on the button next to that choice.

Occupational Series or Job Category: Choose to search “All Occupational Series” or “Only Occupational Series with Open Jobs”. You also have the option to filter the available series selections by clicking in the “Search for Occupation(s)” box. In addition, you have the ability to search a specific series and occupation by clicking the check box next to that category. There are more than 800 categories to choose from but you’re only allowed up to 10 selections.

Location: Add your city and state or a specific country. Click on “Show Additional Location Search Options” to add the location(s) to your search criteria. Click “Add” after each location selection. You are allowed to choose up to 10 different locations.

Department and Agency: Here you add the agency, sub-agency, and/or department. Type your selections in the box. To make life easier for this part of your search, click on “Show Additional Department and Agency Search Options”. This will allow you to choose a specific department and also define your choice of agency. Remember to click Add after each selection with a maximum of 10 allowed.

Type of Work or Work Schedule : The default selection is “All” categories. Deselect by clicking the “All” box and then choose the categories to add to your search parameters.

Posting Options: You can choose to exclude jobs that have been open for longer than 30 days. Select yes or no by clicking the appropriate radio button. You can also choose to select “All Jobs” or jobs posted today up to the last 60 days.

Additional Search Options: With this option you can choose “Supervisory Level” positions, yes or no. Also choose positions where travel is required or not required or a percentage of travel required. You can choose positions where relocation is authorized and then choose your level of security clearance.

Who May Apply: In this section you will choose yes or no once you’ve determined whether any of the parameters apply to you. The downside to choosing “No” is that you will only receive search results open to the general public. What you want to do is select “Yes” so you’ll receive search results for positions open to the public AND those that are open to federal employees. These are only saved searches and will not affect your ultimate eligibility. But making this selection will increase your reach for open positions.

The last few steps are simple. Create a name for your saved search. You can then sort your search results by categories such as: Open date, Close date, Agency, Job title, or Salary. The last step is to choose the frequency of email notification such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep in mind that many positions are only open for a week so the recommendation is daily email notifications. Also remember that the email you used to create your USAJOBS account is the email your search results will be sent to.

The last step to complete your search is to click “Save Search”.

The maximum number of searches you can create is 10. Once you’ve completed your saved search, you can return to the “My Account” page and click on “Saved Searches” to manage your searches. For example:

  • View your search results for each of the individual saved searches that you’ve created.
  • If you decide to change any parameters, you can edit your search criteria at any time.
  • You can also duplicate a previously saved search.
  • You can permanently delete a saved search.
  • You can also renew a saved search (each saved search is valid for one year from date of creation and you will need to renew each search on a yearly basis).

Remember to check your email on a daily basis for notifications on positions that meet your search criteria. You will only get emails if a position matches the parameters you’ve created. When you’re ready to apply, contact a Master Federal Career Advisor or CareerPro Global to get started on the application process.

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