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ECQ Mastery Online Course

Write your own ECQs with this self-paced training 

CareerPro Global has turned the cameras on one of our top executive coaches and writers, then organized all of the videos, builders, and processes into a convenient online format.

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ECQ Mastery Course Description:

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This course features all of the great training from our ECQ Best Practices Course, but takes things to the next level; after you complete writing each ECQ, you will email it to one of CareerPro Global’s expert SES writers. Your assigned writer will then provide you with detailed written feedback and recommended changes inside the document. You will then revise your ECQs based on the feedback, and the writer will review your material once more and provide a second round of written feedback. With a proven process and an expert writer reviewing your materials, you can develop a set of ECQs that represent your top career stories and increase your confidence when applying for SES positions!

ECQ Mastery Course Elements:

  1. ecq mastery online course Best practices lecture
  2. Leading Change overview, scenarios, and sample
  3. Selecting your Leading Change topic(s)
  4. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  5. Expert editorial feedback and guidance
  6. Leading People overview, scenarios, and sample
  7. Selecting your Leading People topic(s)
  8. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  9. Expert editorial feedback and guidance
  10. Results Driven overview, scenarios, and sample
  11. Selecting your Results Driven topic(s)
  12. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  13. Expert editorial feedback and guidance
  14. Business Acumen overview, scenarios, and sample
  15. Selecting your Business Acumen topic(s)
  16. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  17. Expert editorial feedback and guidance
  18. Building Coalitions overview, scenarios, and sample
  19. Selecting your Building Coalitions topic(s)
  20. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  21. *Expert editorial feedback and guidance: Receive two rounds of written feedback from an executive writer with edits and suggestions on how to improve your content; ensure that your ECQs are written in the CCAR (Challenge-Context-Action-Results) format, that your stories are executive in scope, and that all 28 competencies and fundamental competencies are addressed. Scheduling is required with a 5- to 10-day turnaround.
  22. We will even include one round of proofreading at no cost.
  23. Formatting and Submitting Your ECQs 

With these kinds of tools, a simple process, and professional support, you will improve your chances of success dramatically! 


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