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ECQ Example Results Driven


The Results Driven ECQ has been modified and is only a partial story. Each SES candidate has a different story to tell with diverse competencies explaining their individual executive leadership characteristics.

As a seasoned executive who began my federal government career as a Division Assistant Chief (then Division Chief) with the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) Board of Veterans Appeals, and who has been a GS-15 since 2005, I find it extremely important to hold departments and agencies accountable for delivering their respective products and services in accordance with federal policy and overarching national objectives. As the Chief of Policy, Planning and Program Development with the Department of State (DOS) from 2006 until 2008, I oversaw a broad range of Human Resources (HR) policies and initiatives while collaborating with approximately 40 senior managers and 250 HR specialists in an environment that was highly resistant to change.

Results Driven ECQ SampleThe DOShiring timeline was 203 days, and I was given 6 months to implement the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) End-to-End (E2E) 80-day hiring model and comply with an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandate to reform government hiring across DOS. I was fully accountable to the Deputy Under Secretary, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, and OPM. Likewise, I was committed to providing world-class service to our 20,000 customers, including employees, foreign service officers, political appointees, and senior executives.

To accomplish this strategic and herculean task, I partnered with key members of the DOS HR community to build support and promote a sense of ownership in the overall hiring reform process. Concurrently, I organized several focus sessions and led development of an “as-is” current hiring model, including mapping of each step of the process to identify potential barriers along with methods to overcome each. For example...


There is more to this Results Driven ECQ story to include incorporating this client’s knowledge of HR systems and processes, partnerships with stakeholders and many repetitive reductions in processes and people. Additionally reducing 203 to 80 days of the new process developed.

A second example of a Results Driven story is best practice.


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