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    " Amazing, I am truly impressed with you and your company. I guarantee to refer all my friends who are thinking about writing their own resumes. "

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Master Federal Resume Writer (MFRW)


Federal Resume Writing at CareerPro Global, Inc.

CareerPro Global is the industry leader in writing highly effective resumes for all levels of the federal government. The Master Federal Resume Writer (MFRW) certification program will truly improve the new or seasoned resume writer's ability to do the same thing! Presented in our exclusive framework, the MFRW certification will take you through what to include and what not to include in a federal resume, the most effective resume formats, and best practices for capturing your clients' accomplishments. With thousands of federal positions open every day, put another "tool" in your professional toolbox and make the decision to become a certified MFRW.

Become a Certified Federal Resume Writer at CareerPro Global

At CareerPro Global, your career is our business. We provide comprehensive career management services to members of the armed forces as well as individuals seeking employment with the federal government and private corporations. CareerPro Global is the leading career management service in the industry, and we are delighted to set the standard for high quality career service.

If you’re ready to become a certified federal resume writer, CareerPro Global can teach you everything you need to know to write an effective resume. Your clients learned valuable skills while serving in the military, but securing a job in the federal government will be challenging without a well-written resume. As a certified member of our federal resume writing service, you can translate your clients’ skills and qualifications into powerful documents that highlight best assets, career goals and more.

What to Know About Federal Resumes

The federal government makes the job application process difficult because it only wants candidates who are able to follow clear directions. Writing a federal resume means incorporating current buzzwords without too much emphasis on military jargon. Your candidates must demonstrate they possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities before the interview process even begins. Our certified federal resume writers leverage those attributes to successfully pass the initial screening.

As experienced members of the U.S. military, your clients understand that each branch of service uses specialized jargon — this is also true of the federal government. CareerPro Global will train you to help your clients translate that jargon into clearly understandable terms.

In addition, because you’ll learn about how the federal job search process works, you’ll be able to advise your clients using our industry-leading approach.

A Complete Career Management Service

From federal resume writing to career advisoring and training, CareerPro Global is the most trusted post-service career adviser in the industry. Our recognized writing and career advisory experts hold multiple industry certifications, and we have over 20 years of experience.

We have written over 58,000 federal and military resumes, and have written numerous career help books. Best of all, 99.6% of our clients are extremely happy with our services — 85% of our clients land interviews leading to job offers after working with us.

When results matter, choose CareerPro Global to get started on your career as a resume writer.