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Master Federal Career Advisor (MFCA)

We are the experts at helping people find, apply for, and land federal jobs, and we are now offering you the opportunity to learn from the best! Did you know that with 2.8M employees, the federal government is the largest employer in our country? On top of that, there are up to 20,000 federal jobs posted online every day!

Help Others Apply for and Land Federal Jobs

Thousands of people out there want to apply, but they are often confused and overwhelmed by the massive amount of jobs and application requirements. They need your help, and by becoming a Master Federal Career Advisor (MFCA), you will be able to inform and empower them with resources and support. Being a Career Advisor is a career itself! With our brand-new five-week online course designed for the busy professional, it’s never been easier to become an MFCA than it is right now! This certification is perfect for college counselors and advisors, military readiness and transition specialists, family readiness specialists, Department of Labor employees, federal human resources personnel, and more…

Navigating through the federal employment landscape can be quite a tedious and intimidating task.

The Master Federal Career Advisor (MFCA) certification shares the insight and knowledge we have gained over the past several decades. (See the comprehensive outline below.)

Among other things, the MFCA certification will provide you with the knowledge and resources to help shape your clients’ understanding of the federal employment landscape in the 21st century. Additionally, you will learn how to determine your clients’ qualifications and advise them in finding jobs and developing effective application materials. The “Advisor’s Toolbox” will add huge value and help you to be a more effective advisor by providing you with powerful, relevant resources such as job-winning resume samples and templates tailored for each of the popular online resume systems in use today.

All of this great information is presented in CPG’s five check point format, making it easier to read and interpret as each section builds on the last. Although you can take the certification at your own pace, the recommended approach is a six week process. Each week, you will cover one check point and take a quiz to ensure your mastery of the information. After completing each check point, you will take the final exam on week six.

As a Career Advisor, Career or Guidance Counselor, Military Readiness Officer, or other advisory position professional, you will encounter clients from a broad range of professional backgrounds and experience levels, each on his/her own path.

But Being a Master Federal Career Advisor is a Career Path, Too!

Do you want to learn from the industry leader how to be the best advisor you can be, and how to educate and empower your clients on navigating today’s federal job landscape to achieve their own career goals?

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Master Federal Career Advisor Outline

Check Point 1: Understanding the Federal Job Landscape in the 21st Century

  • The Federal Employment Landscape
  • Benefits of Working for the Federal Government
  • General Schedule, Wage Grade, Pay Bands, and Other Federal Pay Scales
  • How Long Does It Take to Gain Federal Employment?
  • How to Find Federal Job Openings