Why Are Keywords so important in My Resume?

Next to accomplishments, keywords may be one of the most effective ways to optimize your resume. Why? Because the strategic use of keywords in your resume shows that you care about the results. You’ve actually read the job announcement and have comprehended the requirements of the position. The job announcement is the first place you should look when assembling your list of keywords and beginning to write. The duties list is there for a reason—it tells you what you’ll be doing in the position. After all, you’ll want to know what the job requires and match your skills and experience with those duties.

The Senior Executive Service (SES) Selection Process

According to statute (5 U.S.C. 3133), there is no limitation on the total number of SES positions. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is required to allocate spaces on a biennial cycle and each agency is allowed to establish positions according to their needs. This can be done without approval from OPM. The agencies are expected to manage their resource needs within the allocation process, as much as possible. This includes reprogramming of allocated spaces, along with flexibility to meet unanticipated needs. The biennial process is also used for Senior Level and Scientific Professional spaces. This is considered part of the strategic management of the total executive resource pool.

The Top Five Interview Questions YOU Should Ask

Do you walk into an interview ready to answer the tough questions...but are you also ready to ASK the tough questions? Most of us prepare long and hard in order to do well enough to answer interview questions, impress the hiring manager, and get the job offer. But have you considered what to ask when you’re given that opportunity to ask questions?

Expedite Your Federal Job Search with a Master Federal Career Advisor

I remember thinking it would take forever to get through school. Now that I’ve been out for a few decades, I realize how quickly it flew by. The same can be said about life...and career. It goes by shockingly fast. Some people don’t have a clue what they want to do for a career. But others know exactly what they want; they just need a little guidance. If you’re convinced that a federal career is right for you, then you may want to expedite your job search with a Master Federal Career Advisor.

Do You Know the Definitions of the Federal Government Hiring Authorities?

The Competitive Service consists of Civil Service positions in the executive branch of the federal government with a few exceptions, as defined in Section 2102 of Title 5, United States Code (5 U.S.C. 2102). In the Competitive Service, applicants must compete (as the term implies) for their positions through a competitive hiring process. This process is open to all applicants eligible to apply.

Interview Coaching: Is it really worth the money?

“So what do I need with an interview coach? Are they really worth the money?” you ask yourself. It’s an important question that only you can answer and an important decision to make for your career.

Preparing to Write Your USAJobs Resume

When you apply for federal jobs, the first thing hiring managers will see is your USAJOBS resume. Since this document will make that all-important first impression, you want it to be as strong as possible. In order to prepare, there is some information you should gather, and some basic steps to take. 1. Spend some time browsing the USAJOBS.gov website and identify 5-10 jobs that interest you. 2. Shorten the list to 2-3 similar jobs by looking more closely at the duties and qualifications sections, and matching them to your own knowledge, professional experience, and training. 3. Gather your career documents covering the past 10-15 years, including performance evaluations, position descriptions, and education information.

Are You Ready to Apply for the 2016 SSA ALJ Vacancy?

A new Administrative Law judge vacancy announcement for Social Security Administration (SSA) Administrative Law Judges is rumored to open prior to April 16th, 2016. However, once the vacancy SSA ALJ announcement posts, there is a good chance it will only be open for up to two dayS. Therefore, we recommend you prepare your ALJ Resume for application NOW!

Yes, Even Astronauts Need Career Advice

Yes, Even Astronauts Need Career Advice

People are applying for some fascinating gigs using CareerPro Global to help them land their dream job. And from my perspective, there’s no bigger dream job than that of an astronaut. Every red-blooded American boy (and girl) had thoughts of becoming an astronaut when they grew up.

The fascination with space, the planets (especially Mars), spaceships, walking on the moon; who wouldn’t be excited about doing that? From Star Wars to Star Trek, we’re all fascinated with outer space. And right now NASA is looking for a few individuals who can’t seem to let go of that childhood dream. Do you have the “right stuff” to be a part of the next crop of American astronauts? If so, NASA has quite the list of projects in the works.

The Latest on NASA

According to their summary on USA JOBS, NASA is quietly doing some pretty cool stuff these days. More spacecraft are in development today than at any other time in history. The goal to go further and further into space is becoming very real.… Read more »


To apply for federal job vacancies you will need a USAJOBS account. Create your USAJOBS account and then

complete your profile and build your resume. You may create and store up to five resumes in USAJOBS. If you

already have an account with USAJOBS, sign in to your existing USAJOBS account and review its accuracy before

applying for a specific job vacancy. Most applications will also allow you to upload your application, but you must

read the vacancy announcement instructions to see if this is an option.

The input format is going to be in a plain layout without caps, italics, or any design characteristics like you might see with a regular resume. Pay strict attention to character counts in each section. Microsoft Word may not be completely accurate in the character count. INCLUDE SPACES in the count. Each job history segment allows for 5,000 characters and spaces; this is not a lot of room to work with, and this requires a very tightly written style. Each section on relevant coursework, training, and certifications allows just 2,000 total characters.… Read more »
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