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"Look at your career as your primary investment. Keep your earning power at its highest level. The money you spend doing this will return more to you than all other investments you are likely to make. You are your own best investment!"
-- Austin Kiplinger, publisher of the Kiplinger Magazine’

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee to our Clients

At CareerPro Global, Inc., the satisfaction and success of our clients is our top priority. Most of our clients utilize our services throughout their careers and refer their friends, family, and colleagues to us.

That's why we offer our exclusive "Five Point Guarantee"

1. We guarantee that you will love your new resume.

You will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your resume's content, design, and strategy. Because of the time we dedicate to each and every project (from getting to know our clients' strengths, accomplishments, and value proposition through writing and designing a compelling presentation), the normal reaction to seeing a first draft is a resounding "WOW!" Of course, after you receive the first draft, you might want to make some changes. We offer you a chance to make unlimited revisions to the first draft (based on the original project scope) at no additional charge within 14 days of initial document delivery. Our quality process ensures that every corporate development process and detail has been applied throughout your entire resume package.

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2. We guarantee that your resume will succeed in the workplace.

Your resume must work for you when you start sending it out,or we haven't done our job. If you start using the resume and related career documents in your job search but are not happy with the results, we want to hear from you. Contact us within three months of initial document delivery and we will work closely with you to analyze your search strategy and offer suggestions for improving your responses. We will review your resume to be absolutely certain that you are applying for the right positions within the federal government, government contractors or private sector employers to ensure our initial strategy is still appropriate.

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3. We guarantee that you'll get excellent service.

This is where we excel; we treat our clients like royalty. Our goal as to exceed our clients' expectations and make the resume process is productive and painless as possible. We guarantee that all of our staff working with you will go above and beyond your expectations to provide customized, responsive, and quality service.

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4. We guarantee your privacy.

We understand how important it is to conduct a discreet job search. We will never sell your personal information or add you to any annoying spam lists. Our in-house systems are secure and layered with extra security precautions so your information remains safe and secure. All documentation received other than email is scanned into our secure server and then shredded.

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5. We guarantee your Return On Investment (ROI).

We want you to have an outstanding resume that gets noticed, gets you interviews, and helps get you hired. Embarking on a job search is frustrating enough; consider us the relief you need from your job search headaches. Your ROI will come in the way of a faster, more strategic and targeted job search campaign in which your resume will get you the results you deserve. If we find any problem with the resume's strategy within three months of initial development, we will revise the resume at no extra charge.

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Barbara A. Adams, MFCA/T, MMRW, CPRW, CEIP
President, CareerPro Global, Inc.